Helios PV and TA Asia developed the first retractable type solar container


  • Helios PV (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd has developed a 20 feet 4.7kWp retractable structure type solar container together with their partner TA Asia Holdings Pte Ltd

  • The engineering design is very innovative. They installed retractable type mounting structures on top of the office container which is designed by the top engineers from Helios PV and TA Asia.

  • The solar system can generate 16kWh electricity per day which can power the air-conditioning unit for 15 hours inside the office container.

Helios PV (Asia Pacific) has signed their first solar leasing PPA with container supplier TA Asia Holdings and installed the 154kWp solar system on the roof top of TA Asia’s plant in June 2016. After that Helios PV (Asia Pacific) has been in continuous collaboration with TA Asia to develop an innovative solar container which integrated the strength of the 2 companies.

The solar container is retractable type and can install 4.7kWp solar system per each 20 feet container. The electricity generated by the solar system is enough to power the air-conditioning and lights for site office usage for up to 15 hours. The solar container can be used to replace the diesel genets which are deployed on construction site to power the site offices.

The clean energy generated by the solar container will be enough for the daily usage of the site office and the rental cost of the solar container will be cheaper than the rental of the generator plus the diesel cost.

An official quote from Helios PV: “We differentiate ourselves through innovation, by collaboration with our clients to peg our solar technology to our clients’ products to bring them the add on value, like TA Asia’s office container. We work out the removable energy solution for rural places where power grid is not available.

Our aim is to deliver the best solar solution to our customers and make the clients products creative by solar technology. The development of this solar container is a testament of the trust placed in our innovation and quality management standards.”

Mr. Danny Koh, Managing Director of TA Asia Holdings Pte Ltd citied we are glad to be the partner of this environment beneficial project. In these past years container module is widely used by on & off shore industry users in form of transport, storage & workshop facility in this regard we have engaged in many projects providing custom design, special conversion & built to user specific requirement containers.

We reckon this custom designed retractable structure type solar container is not just innovation to our container module product range but more importantly is the ECO aspect of this product.

Helios PV (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd is the Singapore Subsidiary of Helios Photovoltaic Sdn Bhd. Since incorporation in March 2015, Helios PV (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd remains a leader in serving clients from diverse industries as a solar solution provider, creating the most effective solar solutions that maximize benefits to clients.

The solar solutions provided by Helios PV (Asia Pacific), include solar project management services, solar system installations, solar Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA) and off-grid system Design & Installation.

Helios PV (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd has a strong technical team with more than 7 years of solar project development and delivery experience in Singapore.

The team also comprises a strong safety department that has built up and manages all safety systems in strict adherence to MOM regulations. Furthermore, Helios PV (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd is ISO certified and registered under Bizsafe Star from WSH Council.

TA Asia Holdings Pte Ltd established for over than 3 decades specializing in all types of container supply through custom conversion & new fabrication for its on shore & off shore industry clientele.

The factory located in 6 First Lok Yang Road Jurong Singapore acquires with high standard of manufacturing & testing facility that meets the stringent requirement of marine & offshore industry quality & safety standard. This facility is supported by a team of vast experience & technically competent workforce to ensure its long standing right quality product to its users globally.

For contact TA Asia please visit web site www.taasia.sg

Or Email: sales@taasia.sg

For Helios PV (Asia Pacific): s.guo@heliospv.net

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