Greenshine New Energy launches SPG series to improve solar streetlight

Greenshine New Energy LLC is delighted to announce the launch of the affordable and portable Solar Powered Generator (SPG) Series for remote external use. Customers no longer have to rely on the utility grid, and can experience consistent power that can be tailored to meet their specific needs.

Kevin Laurent from Greenshine New Energy said, “We are thrilled to introduce this new product. The demand for highly visible solar panels on top of existing systems is a growing concern, especially in the high end commercial zones where installation is an inevitable problem. The new SPG series can now be used where shading is an issue. For example, a pathway that is shaded by trees can now have a solar power generator system installed around 50’ away from the pathway -under the sun, and have the lighting poles under the trees on the pathway for lighting.”

With the growing concern of road accidents caused by poor lighting, and the increased rate of crime after dark, street lighting has become a forefront issue for municipal officials. Solar street lighting offers a renewable, clean, and affordable solution.

Greenshine’s SPG series solves this problem and goes further by extending the solar power to remote areas that require good street lighting. Usually these areas are not linked to direct power lines. Automobile operators therefore face visibility issues which in turn have seen road accidents take a steep increase. The SPG series can be installed in these areas.

Features of the SPG series include:

The SPG is available with different power outputs and storage capacities. It not only features several options with DC output available for DC-powered LED fixtures, but can also be customised with an AC output that will power any lighting fixture.

Convenience: The system includes a direct burial pole that can be removed and installed at another location, making it a highly practical power generating system, which can be transported wherever necessary.

Off-the-grid: No longer be dependent on the power company or fear overcast days- with the combined strength of the battery and the better positioning of the power generating system, the SPG series does not need the power company to supply power for it to operate.

Minimal maintenance: Once these systems are installed, you will rarely have to think about them afterwards.

Expert advice included: Greenshine has researched and combined various components together to maximize both the efficiency and the price of the SPG series. Get expert advice from the experienced staff about the new SPG series. Customization of the SPG series is also available.

About Greenshine New Energy

Greenshine New Energy LLC specialises in developing and manufacturing, customized solar powered lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. They are experts in solar street lights, garden lights, and lawn lights. Their lights can be installed anywhere, including areas where grid tied electricity is not available. They aim to provide advanced solar powered technology that is affordable, reliable and long term. For further information, please visit Greenshine New Energy’s website at:

Eiman Elkhalifa, PR Manager
360 Goddard Irvine, CA 92618 U.S.A.
Fax: +1 949 8126690
Times of availability: 08:30 - 17:30 (Monday-Friday)

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