GreenBlue named a 2015 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that GreenBlue is a winner of the 2015 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year award in the “supporter” category.

EPA developed the Partner of the Year Awards to recognize Safer Choice stakeholders who have furthered the safer chemistry and safe product goals of the Safer Choice Program. According to the EPA, “Winners have demonstrated active and exemplary participation in and promotion of the program.”

“EPA congratulates GreenBlue for winning the 2015 Safer Choice Partner of the Year award,” said Jim Jones, Assistant Administrator of EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. “This award recognizes leadership and accomplishment in developing and promoting safer chemicals and products. GreenBlue has shown that by making innovation in chemical sustainability an important part of their organization, they can prosper while making healthier products and services available for home, work, and recreation.”

CleanGredients is an online database of chemical products (a.k.a. “ingredients”) used primarily to formulate residential, institutional, industrial and janitorial cleaning products that have been pre-approved to meet the U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice Standard. CleanGredients is an indispensable purchasing resource for formulators who are seeking to find suppliers selling chemical ingredients that will help them to obtain the Safer Choice label in a manner that reduces risk to their business, saves them money and gets their products to market faster.

“The Safer Choice program has made significant contributions to the green chemistry field by creating a consistent methodology to evaluate and identify chemicals capable of meeting functional and market requirements with the lowest inherent hazard possible,” said James Ewell, Sustainable Materials Director of GreenBlue.

“The program’s emphasis on partnering with industry has demonstrated how valuable public/private partnerships can be for finding solutions to complex problems. GreenBlue partnered with the EPA in 2006 to create CleanGredients, a resource that helps formulators find suppliers whose products can meet Safer Choice’s robust criteria, while also reducing time-to-market and product development costs.”

The 2015 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Awards will be presented at 2:00 p.m. on June 22, 2015, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC.

About the Safer Choice Program

The Safer Choice Program, formerly known as the Design for the Environment (DfE) Safer Product Labeling Program, was developed in 1997 and draws upon chemical and environmental expertise from across EPA. Safer Choice uses the technical tools and expertise of EPA’s New Chemicals Program to evaluate the environmental and human health impacts of every chemical ingredient in a product, allowing only the safest ingredients in labeled products. As a voluntary partnership program, Safer Choice brings all interested parties together to advance sustainability in chemical products. More than 2,000 products currently qualify to carry the Safer Choice label.

About GreenBlue

GreenBlue is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to the sustainable use of materials in society. Our mission is to promote the principles of sustainable materials management — use wisely, eliminate toxicity, and recover more. Through our projects, we achieve our goal by influencing the debate, enhancing supply chain collaboration, and creating action. For more information please visit and follow GreenBlue on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Anne Elsea
GreenBlue Communications Associate

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