Green Koncepts releases cloud platform for big data analytics

Green Koncepts  releases cloud platform that leverages big data analytics to drive energy efficiency and sustainability for built environment

1st Cloud Platform that Connects Data from Any Sensor & Device to a Choice of Pre-Integrated Big Data Tools and Apps Available on the Energetix Apps Store

Green Koncepts, a leading Cloud IoT platform and solutions provider for smart energy management, today announced a new release of the KEMTM Platform. This version includes the launch of the EnergetixTM Apps Store that lists and includes pre-integrated Big Data tools and applications that connect to customers’ real-time data over the cloud. This provides customers with a choice of powerful applications that perform Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection, Data Visualisation and Chiller Plant Optimisation – to drive cost savings, operational efficiency and productivity for their building operations.

“We are bringing to market an exciting platform that helps building owners and operators overcome data siloes by making it simple for them to securely and easily connect to data from any sensor, device, and building system. We make data acquisition simple and cost effective by reducing the complexities for them. Our partners and customers can then develop apps and publish this on the Energetix Apps Store, sharing it with other customers and partners. This drives co-innovation. We simply connect your data to the apps that you subscribed to,” said Mr. Kenneth Lee, Founder & CEO, Green Koncepts.

The KEM Platform helps aggregate data across all sensors, devices, meters, controllers and building management systems, pushing this data to the Energetix Data Lake, running in the Cloud. Open APIs are available for developers, research institutions and data scientists to access this data in real-time to create applications that can be listed and made available on the Energetix Apps Store.

The Energetix Apps Store is the first of its kind that will offer energy and IoT related apps as a pre-integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. The first apps on the Energetix Apps Store include Chiller Plant Optimisation, Predictive Maintenance and Anomaly Detection as well as Data Visualisation tools from ISV partners such as SAS, Fujitsu and IBM.

The Arc Reactor Program

Green Koncepts also announced today the launch of the Arc Reactor Program, an IoT partner eco-system that brings together key technology providers for sensors, meters, systems, Big Data Analytics tools, engines and service providers to co-innovate and develop solutions for customers.

Amongst the first to join the Arc Reactor Program are SAS, Fujitsu and IBM who will make available powerful tools and applications for Data Visualisation and Predictive Analytics, Optimisation and Anomaly Detection on the Energetix Apps Store. Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd will also be a System Integration partner to deliver end-to-end IoT solutions for enterprises.

Mr. Lee added “The Arc Reactor Program will provide our partners access to a standardised data model where they can develop applications using Open APIs that would be pre-integrated and connected to customer data. These apps will be listed on the Energetix Apps Store and customers can subscribe to them. Data is connected to the Apps through a permissioning model. This means that partners and developers only need to develop the app once and any customer can subscribe to it.

Green Koncepts Enters into Global Alliance with SAS – A Leader in Business Analytics

Green Koncepts announced that it has signed a global agreement with SAS, a global leader in business analytics that will connect sensor and machine data with SAS’ powerful data analytics suite, through the Energetix Apps Store. This is the first of its kind in Asia Pacific and will drive the creation of powerful apps for energy management and optimisation.

In partnering with Green Koncepts, SAS’ predictive asset analytics solution allows for companies in the energy sector to optimise cost performance, anticipate issues and avoid untimely disruptions. By harnessing the power of big data, these companies are afforded with the capability to proactively mitigate events that cause outages as well as run assets at peak performance.

“It’s an exciting time to be in as we work with innovative companies like Green Koncepts to disrupt the energy sector. The Arc Reactor Program will give customers access to pre-integrated solutions that they can use from the get-go. With analytics at the heart of this platform, we hope to see more companies taking an active approach to energy management, and harnessing analytics to create more business value for themselves,” said Mr. Francis Fong, Managing Director, SAS Singapore.

Green Koncepts Collaborates with Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd – A Leading Japanese ICT Company

Green Koncepts also announced its strategic partnership with Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd, a leading Japanese information and communication technology company providing comprehensive, integrated IT-based business solutions. Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd will offer its Operational Data Management and Analytics (ODMA) solution through the Energetix Apps Store. Leveraging its expertise and years of experience in turnkey projects, Fujitsu will also be Green Koncepts’ System Integration partner to provide end-to-end IoT solutions for enterprises.

Fujitsu ODMA helps organisations detect symptoms of system anomalies from big data in real-time - without the need for advanced analytics know-how. As a purpose-built Signal Monitoring and Anomaly Detection solution for industrial manufacturing, it monitors data from various factory equipment and sensors to detect potential points of failure pre-emptively, find correlations and make predictions – before an incident occurs.

Harnessing Big Data and proven machine learning techniques, Fujitsu ODMA helps businesses to avoid sudden faults or abnormal outages by identifying anomalies across thousands of parameters in real-time and with high accuracy. As a completely integrated solution, it provides all the software capabilities enterprises need to ingest, cleanse, store, analyse, learn and detect anomalies. It is also Cloud-ready, enabling organisations to deploy it cost-efficiently either on-premise, in third-party public clouds or in the FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5.

“Predictive analytics, enabled through big data and the Internet of Things, provides the much-needed solution for enterprises looking to improve cost efficiency, increase productivity, and minimise disruption. Digital technology will transform business operations, creating new values for organisations and their customers. Through this collaboration under the Arc Reactor Program, I believe that enterprises will be able to benefit from the seamless access to solutions and industry expertise from Fujitsu and Green Koncepts in their transformation journey,” said Mr. Wong Heng Chew, Country President, Fujitsu Singapore.

“As the saying goes: knowledge is power, and this is very true for our buildings with all their complexities and technicalities. Although building information systems have improved over the years, building owners are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data generated from their building systems,” notes Mr. Chia Ngiang Hong, President of the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), “Hence, Green Koncepts helps building owners to leverage on big data analytics applications from its Arc Reactor partner ecosystem to derive greater value from building data to push the efficiency of buildings to greater heights.”

“In addition to ISV and SI partners that have joined us, we are looking for developers, data scientists and research institutions to join the Arc Reactor Program, where they can accelerate innovation with access to ready data, open APIs, connectivity and engines, to create industry relevant applications that can be monetised through the Energetix Apps Store. We’ll also like to invite more resellers and SI partners to join us onboard,” said Ms. Jocelyn Tan, Arc Reactor Program Manager.

Green Koncepts, together with SAS and Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd, will also be participating in Build Eco Xpo (BEX) Asia 2016, where they will feature live interactive demonstrations incorporating Big Data Analytics for data visualisation, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection and chiller plant optimisation, at the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) Pavilion, Booth H10-C, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. Green Koncepts will also be presenting “Transforming Big Data into Value for the Built Environment” at the Green View Seminar on Thursday, 8 Sep at 1.30 p.m.

About Green Koncepts

Green Koncepts is a fast growing and innovative technology company creating smart and connected eco-systems through disruptive innovation. Built for the Internet of Things (IoT) and to enable co-innovation, our KEM™ Platform lets you seamlessly connect any device, rapidly develop applications and easily manage your real time data. Connect sensors, meters, controllers, building management systems & other IoT devices through the Interoperability Framework on the KEM Platform and leverage an eco-system of partner solutions for data analytics and other innovative solutions.

Developed on the KEM Platform, Energetix™ is our award-winning cloud energy management application that drives behavioural change and optimises energy efficiency for cities, buildings, data centres, offices and homes to empower our customers’ sustainability initiatives and save them money.

The technology that we develop drives the convergence of sensor data, applications and people in a single smart connected eco-system for clever data sensemaking to solve tomorrow’s problems today. Our people constantly push boundaries to find new and innovative ways to do things better and more efficiently.

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Green Koncepts

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