Global Sustainability Council recognises EarthCheck Certification

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the independent body that manages sustainable tourism standards around the world, has approved two EarthCheck Certification Standards, including the EarthCheck Destination Standard and Company Standard.

Randy Durband, CEO GSTC, congratulated EarthCheck on attaining GSTC-Approved status for not just one, but two sets of standards – sustainability standards for companies and for destinations.

Mr. Durband said, “EarthCheck has a long history of excellence in certification and other sustainability solutions, but recognizes that gaining the GSTC-Approved mark adds another layer of credibility to their global brand. GSTC’s independent Accreditation Panel has judged their process to be transparent, impartial, and competent.”

EarthCheck operates in more than 70 countries and is considered the global leader in sustainable tourism.

Stewart Moore, CEO and founder of EarthCheck, said the company’s access to world-leading research, science and technology to address sustainability challenges facing the travel and tourism industry helped EarthCheck earn GSTC Approval.

“EarthCheck has been working tirelessly with leading operators and destinations for more than 25 years. GSTC Approval of our Company and Destination Standards is a tremendous coup; one that reinforces the credibility of our benchmarks,” Mr. Moore said.

“The recognition comes at a time of a rising number of conscious travelers around the world. GSTC Approvals confirm that EarthCheck Certified members are world leaders in responsible and sustainable tourism.”

The announcement follows the successful launch of EarthCheck’s Leading Destinations of the World, an initiative which allows EarthCheck and world-leading destinations to share ideas and work together to address key destination challenges associated with development, planning and marketing.

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