GlacialPower announces 2-in-1 LED driver with adjustable current and voltage mode

GlacialPower, a division of technology manufacturer GlacialTech, announces a new dual-mode LED driver powering LED lighting from 7W to 20W. Featuring either constant current or constant voltage operation, the LED driver mode and power output can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of lighting and signage applications. Power input and output lines are connected via robust and easy-to-use clips.

2-in-1. The GP-LC7028 LED driver is two LED Drivers in one, with easy DIP switch configuration to either constant current or constant voltage mode for enhanced functionality. It can be easily customized to specific LED lighting needs with 8 modes of constant current operation from 250mA to 700mA, and constant voltage modes from 12V, 24V and 28V output available. For constant current mode with 1-10V dimming and push dimming can also easily be enabled with a dimmer.

Safety and Reliability. Safety is number one with the GP-LC7028 LED driver. As a Class 2 power supply, it’s fully insulated and is certified to EN6134-1 and EN6134-2-13 safety standards, and has also passed EN55015, EN61000, and EN6154 in internal testing. In addition, Over-Current Protection (OCP) and Short- Circuit Protection (SCP) mean this LED driver will help customers meet all relevant safety standards in their LED lighting and signage applications. With a 3 years warranty from GlacialPower, customers can be assured of reliable and safe performance from the GP-LC7028 LED driver.


  • Universal AC input up to 264 VAC
  • Support for Constant Current or Constant Voltage Mode
  • Certified to EN6134-1, EN6134-2-13
  • Built-in PFC Function
  • Fully isolated Class 2 plastic case
  • Constant Current mode with 1-10V Dimming and PUSH Dimming
  • 3 years warranty
  • Protections: Over Current Protection/ Short Circuit Protection

For more information about this new product, please check GlacialPower’s website:

About GlacialPower
GlacialTech Inc., is a diversified provider of cooling, power supply, and LED lighting solutions for consumer and industrial applications. Thanks to its strong relationships with LED semiconductor manufacturers as well as thermal, SMPS and engineering leaders worldwide, GlacialTech leverages world-class engineering, efficient manufacturing and materials of the highest quality to create market-leading products. Under the GlacialPower brand, GlacialTech provides drivers, battery chargers and open frame power supplies as well as other customized solutions. Please visit the company homepage at

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