GECKO Online launch

GECKO (Greennovate Environmental Challenge for Kids Outreach)

GECKO was established in 2008 as a non-profit initiative of Greennovate, to answer the need of raising environmental awareness amongst China’s youth. Our educational material is unique because it provides innovative environmental programs for high schools, inspiring students to become green ambassadors to their own communities. It also contributes to their potential career choices by bridging them with local industries supportive of environmental progress in working towards a sustainable future. Since its founding we have reached out to 20,285 students in 101 schools in 14 provinces throughout the country.

The success of GECKO encouraged us to expand our efforts and the idea of championing an online learning platform to make our curriculum more accessible to the masses was born.

Wheel2Wheel Discovers GECKO

Then in came Morgan Parker, a man who had been motorbiking across Australasia to support local projects and raise awareness on local challenges. He picked GECKO to be one of the projects. We met him and his team in Yangshuo this spring when he was starting his journey and he joined us in our training session at the local school there. Since then, he has traveled through 10 countries over 25,000 kilometers in 125 days. During that time,Wheel2Wheel supported our development of GECKO Online.

Greennovate and Wheel2Wheel put GECKO Online.

In the summer of 2011, we developed our first series of online environmental lectures: Lesson from the Past, Sustainability Basics and Energy for the Future. The main goal of this platform is to offer free educational resources for everyone interested in sustainability to help them connect the dots on relevant topics. It will also be used to supplement the efforts of our GECKO trainers who are teaching about the environment all throughout China. We believe the combination of the platform and our trainers will extend our outreach and create a bigger impact in terms of raising environmental awareness. For more information, check out

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