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FuturArc's Jan-Feb 2014 issue features green schools

FuturArc’s first issue of the year harks back to our education issue in 2010, when we explored projects relating to education as a theme. This time, we look at how educational institutions across Asia combine architectural form, curriculum, and advocacy, to highlight the idea that schools are more than just a sum of building parts.

We feature last year’s winners of the “Greenest School on Earth” by the US Green Building Council (USGBC): the Sing Yin Secondary School in Hong Kong and the Waterbank School at Uaso Nyiro in Kenya, Africa. Interestingly, none is LEED-certified; both have strong community agendas, attempting to do more within the context they are embedded.

We also highlight projects that “do more”. Our correspondent Y-Jean Mun-Delsalle offers three examples in our Main Feature, titled “Beyond Education”. Other projects in this issue are simply sensible, responsible design. The DPS Kindergarten School and Universidade Agostinho Neto strive for comfort in hot climates.

The proposed BRAC university campus in Bangladesh speaks of a new urbanism, acting as ecological and social agent in the city of Dhaka, while the Academic 3, City University of Hong Kong shows us how schools can become urban objects that facilitate movement around and through the site. We also see how the ITE project in Singapore achieves social sustainability on top of its Green building design.

The subject of the FuturArc Interview is Ada Fung of the Hong Kong Housing Authority. Her team has won many awards with an approach that is both practical and inspirational. What she has to say will be of interest to anyone engaged in public housing, anywhere in Asia.

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