Fuji Xerox expands procurement criteria for its paper suppliers to conserve biodiversity

Effective June 2012, in an aim to conserve biodiversity, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has expanded its scope on environmental, health and safety requirements regarding paper procurement (hereinafter, paper procurement regulation standards) by adding new trading criteria for companies that supply paper to Fuji Xerox and its affiliates. The previous regulations only included standards for the procured paper, but Fuji Xerox has taken a step further to add trading criteria in business activities of its suppliers from a CSR perspective, which requires biodiversity conservation and the protection of the rights of the local residents.

Main revisions in the paper procurement regulation standards include:

  • Trading criteria for paper suppliers that has been newly set from a CSR perspective including the environment, rights of local residents and corporate ethics*1. Fuji Xerox is obligated to source paper*2 only from suppliers that comply with this criteria.
  • Establishment of the Paper Procurement Committee, composed of Fuji Xerox’s departments relating to paper procurement, to regularly review and confirm paper suppliers’ compliance with the trading criteria.

As paper is vital material for Fuji Xerox’s business operations, the company has aimed for sustainable and responsible paper procurement. However, with the decrease of worldwide forest resources in the recent years, companies are now required to source paper with ever more responsibility from the perspective of biodiversity conservation. Fuji Xerox has previously implemented environmental management including biodiversity conservation, quality management, and traceability management for the paper that the company procures. Given the recent trend, Fuji Xerox will stipulate such management to its suppliers and their business activities making it obligatory for them to operate with focus on CSR matters, to contribute to biodiversity conservation and procure paper responsibly.

Fuji Xerox continues to reinforce its activities to help realize a sustainable society.

*1:            Excerpt from the paper procurement regulation standards on the trading criteria for Fuji Xerox’s suppliers:

(1) Environmental conservation

Suppliers are required to comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant countries and regions of their operations, and to operate in consideration of the protection of valuable forests and forest ecosystems.

(2) Rights of local residents

Suppliers are required to make sure that the rights of the local residents (such as subsistence rights and residency rights) are protected, and to engage in sufficient dialogs with the local residents when their operation has a potentially serious impact on the residents’ rights.

(3) Corporate ethics

Suppliers are required to make sure that they are not infringing upon the human rights of workers, have customary involvement with fair trade practices, and have no association with antisocial forces or organizations.

*2:           Excerpt from the paper procurement regulation standards on requirements for the procured paper:

(1)     Paper must be sourced from forests under sustainable management.

(2)     Spent paper and recycled pulp that the suppliers use as raw materials must have their origin of supply clarified.

(3)     The safety of the chemical substances used must be ensured.

(4)     Paper must be manufactured with a chlorine free process.

(5)     Paper manufacturing plant must have an environmental management system.

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