FSC Japan organises ‘FSC™ Forest Week’ from September 11 to 28

This event is a Japanese version of “FSC Friday” which is an international promotional event organized by FSC on the last Friday in September every year.

Our campaign in Japan aims to combat issues related to forests in the world by cooperating with approximately 20 FSC supporting organizations to create opportunities for other companies and consumers to choose environmentally and socially cared products, everyone can participate in promoting responsible forestry which conserves the forest ecosystem and the environment.

This campaign is organized for the first time in Japan. During the period of this campaign, each supporting organization has planned following various events. On Friday September 11, the beginning day of the campaign, there is a promotional workshop targeting kids and ordinary consumers planned as an opening event at Daiei Akabane Branch.

In this opening event, there is also an exhibition on how FSC, which was chosen in the previous Olympic and Paralympic games’ wood and paper procurement, has been expanding in the world and in Japan. We ask you to take this opportunity to check our stories for your news sources.

[Overview of the FSC Forest Week]

Host: FSC Japan Joint Host: WWF Japan and FSC Support Project

Period: Friday, September 11 to Monday, September 28, 2015.

Participating organizations (in Japanese alphabetical orders): AEON Co., Ltd; AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd; Itoki Corporation; Oji Nepia Co., Ltd; Oji Holdings Corporation; Kogurebito Club (Aggregate corporation); Seiko Printing Co., Ltd; The Daiei, Inc; Takeo Co., Ltd; Tanaka Forestry Co., Ltd; Tokyu Hands Inc; Nishiawakura School of Forest, a Company; Interior Coordinator Association of Japan; Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Federation; Tetra Pak Japan; Hamamatsu City; Scout Association of Japan; Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited; Mitsubishi Paper Sales Co., Ltd; Marumikogei Co., Ltd; Melitta Japan Ltd; Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd; Lush Japan Co., Ltd. (as of September 2, 2015)

[Contact] FSC Japan
Emika Kono
E-Mail: e.kohno@jp.fsc.org
TEL: 03-3707-3438

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