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ETTV Façade Designer released free to Singapore Market

2015 saw the The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) launch the ‘Green Mark for New Buildings – (Non-Residential) 2015’. Of the proposed changes to Green Mark (2015) from Green Mark (4.1), the approach to reduce air conditioning energy consumption due to thermal heat gain through the building façade has seen increased focus through the adoption of the more stringent Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) target.

Continuing to set the reference for an sustainable building design, the maximum façade performance (prerequisite) requirements for ETTV have now been reduced by 5% (Gold Plus + Platinum) and 10% (Certified and Gold), supported by a new focus on Tropical Façade Performance.

Traditionally, ETTV assessments have been undertaken by practitioners generating spreadsheets using standardised equations. This method of calculation was often inaccessible to Architects, with the glass performance specifications being manipulated to produce ETTV design values.

Available for free to the Singapore market

Inhabit are excited to release the ETTV Façade Designer to the Singapore design and construction industry at no cost.

The aim of the tool is simple, to minimise the time and energy spent on the ETTV design process in an intuitive and effective way that yields measurable results quickly.

Taking users through an intuitive process, with both simplified and detailed interfaces, it is now possible rapidly assess your façade design strategy against ETTV requirements in as little as 60 seconds!

The ETTV Façade Designer can be accessed here:

Further Information

All enquiries can be directed to Gautam Bhasin, Regional Manager, Singapore on

About Inhabit

Inhabit is a specialist architectural engineering consultancy ( with offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE and UK. We partner with architectural firms, traditional engineers and builders to deliver value, quality and recognition. Using industry knowledge, understanding of process and state of the art platforms and technologies, you gain measurable, sustainable results that embody the philosophy of “Living Engineering”.

At Inhabit® we offer a range of specialist engineering consulting services to complement all sizes and types of building projects. These services include: Façade/Building Envelope, Advanced Structures, Boutique Façades and Structures, Ecologically Sustainable Design and Building Physics, Building Acoustics, Lighting, BMU and Access + Maintenance, Logistics.

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