Energy positive habitats

A three day Workshop at Auroville, August 30th to September 1st

Auroville, a growing international township near Puducherry, known for its efforts in social and environmental sustainability, is hosting a three-day workshop on Energy Positive Habitats. Distinguished national and international professionals in the field will share their vision and experiences in the form of plenary talks, participatory sessions and a panel discussion addressing the key question concerning Energy Positive Habitats. While higher energy efficiency and developing renewable energy resources are important, changes in lifestyle as well as a change in the way we conceive and develop habitats are essential.

Energy Positive Habitat workshop will address the following topics: decentralized energy systems, energy efficient building design, energy management and audits and energy policies. In regard to buildings, ways of utilising existing buildings in a more energy efficient way, to designing new low-energy buildings that use natural lighting and cooling/heating technologies will be addressed. In terms of technology, experts will discuss decentralised energy systems, such as mini wind turbines and solar panels. On a governance level, supportive policies for energy efficiency programs, for the promotion of decentralized renewable power generation and feed in regulations will be identified.

This is a limited capacity, highly interactive event that requires active participation of all attendees. The expected outcome will be an exchange of ideas, practices and technologies. It poses an opportunity for business and policy makers to interact, to influence policies and open up new opportunities in industry and business. The workshop will be attended by architects, consultants, project developers, policy makers, urban planners and engineers who have an interest to plan, design and build habitats, that are energy positive and promote changes in the lifestyles of its residents.

An initiative by Auroville Consulting, Auroville Green Practices aims to bring together various stakeholders to envision future townships that offer a habitat that is ecologically, socially and economically nurturing. Two successful events attended by national and international participants were organized so far.

Auroville Green Practices
SaraCon Campus,
Kottakarai Plaza,
Irumbai Post, Auroville 605111
Tamil Nadu
Phone: +91 413 2622571
Mobile: +91 948 614 4076
Email: agp@aurovilleconsulti

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