Edie announces support for ClimateCare clean cooking programme

Back in 2012 the leading sustainability publishing brand edie joined forces with ClimateCare to offset carbon emissions associated with travel to its key events.

Today, at its flagship Sustainability Leaders Forum, edie renewed its commitment to offset emissions from delegate and speaker travel through Climate+Care projects – designed to protect the environment and improve lives.

This year, edie will support ClimateCare’s Clean Cooking projects.

Why clean cooking? Each year more than 4 million people are killed by toxic fumes from cooking on open fires. In fact, this is the fifth worst risk factor for disease in developing countries and women and children are most affected.

By supporting ClimateCare’s clean cooking projects edie will help reduce this indoor air pollution, saving lives. At the same time, providing families with more efficient stoves helps to reduce CO2 emissions, save families money on fuel and reduce pressure on local forests.

“You might not think about tackling carbon emissions and then immediately think about cooking, but our Clean Cooking projects are a win-win for people and the environment” explains ClimateCare’s Partnerships Manager, Edward Morello. “More than 3 billion people still cook on open fires or inefficient stoves and the resulting emissions are bad for respiratory health and bad for the environment. A simple improved stove can change all that.”

Edie event director Mark Baker said “We encourage our delegates to come together and share best practice in sustainability at our events. By offsetting their travel emissions through ClimateCare’s Clean Cooking projects we not only demonstrate best practice in action, we hope to raise awareness of some of the innovative ways businesses can tackle climate and development challenges ”

“Clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels have the potential to save millions of lives while helping to tackle climate change. I hope today’s announcement will encourage other businesses to join these efforts and to offset their unavoidable emissions through clean cookstove carbon offset purchases.” Brian Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.


ClimateCare is a certified B Corporation. We believe that climate change, poverty and sustainable development cannot be tackled in isolation. And that we cannot rely solely on aid. Governments and business must work together to deliver the speed and scale of change required to secure a sustainable future.

That’s why, for the past 18 years, we have mobilised the power and scale of both private and public finance for integrated Climate+Care programmes, which deliver positive environmental and social impacts around the world.

We combine the vision of a social enterprise and the commercial experience of an investment bank. Leveraging mainstream funding, we profitably deliver some of the largest, most successful sustainability initiatives in the world. To date we have worked with hundreds of partners to cut over 16.5 million tonnes of CO2 and at the same time, improved the lives of 6 million people.

Businesses and Governments alike, see the value and sense in our integrated Climate+Care approach and we have set an ambitious vision for 2020. To cut a further 20 million tonnes of CO2 and improve the lives of another 20 million people.

Find out more at www.climatecare.org

Faversham House


edie has been the market-leading publishing and events brand driving sustainability in business for nearly 20 years. A trusted and integral part of the workflow of 60,000+ sustainability professionals, it delivers daily news and commentary, expert advice and business tools, downloadable industry reports and white papers, access to video and webinars, opt-in daily and weekly newsletters, recruitment news and a comprehensive directory of sustainability suppliers as well as a year-round portfolio of high-level business conferences and events.

This partnership to offset emissions through ClimateCare’s clean cooking programme will cover and range of events including the annual edie Sustainability Leaders Forum; edie Sustainability Reporting Conference; edie Energy Management Forum and edie Sustainability Communications Forum

Press enquiries and image requests
Please contact: Rhiannon Szmigielski, ClimateCare
Tel: +44 (0)1865 591000
Email: rhiannon.szmigielski@climatecare.org

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