Eco Marine Power to display technologies at Sea Japan 2014

Eco Marine Power (EMP) announced on Monday that it will be presenting for the first time a number of the technologies it is developing including the Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) System at Sea Japan 2014.

During the three day event in Tokyo between the 9th-11th April, EMP will also outline its vision for the future development of sustainable shipping technologies including wind & solar power solutions.

The Aquarius MRE System is a renewable energy solution for shipping that incorporates rigid sails, solar panels, energy storage modules and computer systems so that the power of the sun and wind can be harnessed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The rigid sails used by the Aquarius MRE System have been developed by EMP and are known as EnergySail’s. Each EnergySail can be fitted with a range of devices including flexible marine grade solar panels, safety interlocks, sensors and other equipment .

Each EnergySail is positioned automatically by the EnergySail Automated Control System (ACS) and a demonstration version of this computer system will be on display at Sea Japan. The EnergySail ACS can also be integrated with the Aquarius Management & Automation System (MAS) so that performance data can be displayed in real-time or recorded for later analysis.

At Sea Japan EMP will also unveil its integrated system approach behind the Aquarius Eco Ship concept. The Aquarius Eco Ship concept is the result of a comprehensive study project which focused on optimizing the design of a large ocean going ship such as a bulk carrier or oil tanker to harness the power of the wind & sun by using the Aquarius MRE System. This study was started in May 2011 and has attracted worldwide interest.

A test model of the Aquarius Eco Ship will be on display and EMP staff will be available at the event to explain the various technologies incorporated into this innovative design concept.

Commenting on Sea Japan, Greg Atkinson of EMP said: “This event will allow us to demonstrate the progress we have made during the past two of years and we will also be able to explain our integrated systems approach to reducing fuel consumption and emissions on ships. In addition Sea Japan will be the first time EMP has publicly displayed the technologies we are working on and we look forward to discussing these technologies with shipping companies and other interested parties at the event.”

Together with KEI System, EMP will also be demonstrating the key features of the Aquarius MAS. This flexible and robust system can manage renewable energy systems on-board vessels plus monitor alarms, automate processes and track engine performance.

The EMP display will be located in the Environmental Protection area of the Themed Zone in the Japan Pavilion. Media briefings will be also available on all three days of the event.

About Eco Marine Power

Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. (EMP) is an internationally focused technology company that develops fuel saving and emission reduction systems for ships including passenger ferries, survey ships, oil tankers and cargo vessels.

EMP also develops sustainable ship concepts that incorporate the latest renewable energy technologies and is currently working on a number of design projects including Aquarius Eco Ship and Medaka eco-commuter ferry. The company is based in Fukuoka, Japan. To read more about Eco Marine Power please visit:

Media enquiries

Greg Atkinson (Eco Marine Power)
Phone: +81 92 287 9677

Aquarius MRE System & EnergySail are trademarks of Eco Marine Power Co Ltd.

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