Easier environmental control with HVLS fans

Many companies experience big issue in environmental control especially in large spaces, such as warehouses and factory. They have to ensure a quality product without sacrificing worker comfort and safety in large, open environments. BladeTec high volume low speed (HVLS) fans have revolutionized the way managers think and solve about environmental control.

HVLS fan v. high-speed fan

Most people thinks high-speed fans are used to improve air quality and environmental control in larger areas. However, there are several problems with these types of fans including:

  • Air speeds that provide little to no additional cooling.
  • Expensive operation costs.
  • Disruptive and unpleasant air movement.
  • The number of fans required for effective cooling.

HVLS fans and environmental control

After years of research and trial, BladeTec comes up with its very own three blades HVLS fans system as the best solution for easier air quality and environmental control. BladeTec HVLS fan can be used alone or as compliment to traditional HVAC system. HVLS fans provide a significant return on employees’ comfort and energy savings.

The major benefits of HVLS fans and their effect on warehouse and large space environments are

  • Improved employee health and comfort.
  • Energy savings and related savings in operating costs.
  • Reduce pollutants in the facility.
  • One BladeTec HVLS fan can cool up to 2641 square meter (or 28,400 square feet).

Employee health and comfort

With HVLS fans, employees will feel much cooler especially in tropical climate where it is relatively hot and humid all year round. This allows facilities to operate without sacrificing employee comfort or operational productivity. HVLS fan application also reduce issues such as sweating slab syndrome (SSS) and sick building syndrome (SBS).

Energy savings and reduce costs

HVLS fans applications to cool or lower the temperature of a facility can provide huge energy savings. Users’ energy savings can be so significant that the fans actually pay for themselves quickly.

One HVLS fan could replace more than 25 smaller high-speed fans and the energy and cost savings are indeed significant in the scenario. It can cost just a fraction of operating 25 smaller fans per hour to operate one HVLS fan.

When used with an air conditioning system, HVLS fans make the area feel much cooler. You can even set your thermostat higher, without reducing the environmental comfort. For each 1 degree C increase, you save 7% of your energy.


With poor air quality management and lack of air movement, buildup of pollutants is likely. Many warehouses and other large facilities are not equipped with air pollutants monitor. Thus, HVLS fans application can help reduce air pollutants by increasing airflow and providing better ventilation.

HVLS fans will bring easier environmental control for you and your company. Your employees will be healthier, happier, safer and more productive.

About Tawada CleanTech

Tawada CleanTech is your one stop solution for green building and green technology. We are dedicated and committed to providing clean and green technology solutions for everyone. Our main customers are diverse, including but not limited to private and multinational companies and organizations, educational and research organizations, government, traders, manufacturers and factories. Tawada CleanTech gives green a whole new meaning and depth. Wewants to create not just sustainable buildings and environments, but we strive to provide and educate people to start creating healthy and financially sustainable buildings and environments. 

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