Durkeesox applies for US Green Building Council membership

Durkeesox has been successfully applied as a valuable member of US Green Building Council and authorised to attach the green logo of USGBC on our official websites and promotional literature.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)is a evaluation tool of green buildings. The objective is to effectively mitigate the negative impact to the environment and household, the aim is to standardise a comprehensive and precise concept of green building and prevent the substandard green concept.

LEED is developed by the US Green Building Council and put into practice in 2003, it has been listed as a legal and mandatory standard in some states of USA.

Green Building LEED certification is becoming more and more popular in China and international market, more and more projects in China and international market will apply for LEED certification in the near future.

Compared with the traditional air duct system, Durkeesox fabric air dispersion products consume the least nature resource in the whole process from raw material to finished product application because of using recycled and renewable resources.

Meanwhile, matched with the different air condition systems, Durkeesox system proposes integrated and comprehensive air dispersion solution with features of low carbon and energy saving for our clients, and remarkably improve the indoor air quality with a lowest operation and maintenance cost,fully compatible with the demand of LEED Green building for energy conservation and environmental protection.

DurkeeSox (Wuhan) Air dispersion system Co., Ltd.
No.8 West Renmin Rd,Gdian Industrial Development Park,Hubei,China
Tel: 86-027-59370099 Fax: 86-027-59370098

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