ClimateCare reports impressive impact figures

Climate and sustainable development expert ClimateCare today announced new impact figures that show it has improved life for 16.5 million people and at the same time cut 20.6 million tonnes of global carbon emissions.

Speaking from the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, CEO Edward Hanrahan said: “I am immensely proud of the positive impacts that ClimateCare is delivering, together with our corporate and government partners. But, for all of us at ClimateCare, it’s the story behind the statistics that is so important.

For every figure we share about 3.7 billion litres of safe water provided, or $136 million saved on fuel bills, there is a real family with a safer, healthier home, a child with new opportunities to learn, or a parent with the chance to earn a decent living.“

ClimateCare has always taken a market approach to sustainable development and these results demonstrate that this can deliver positive impact at scale. However the organisations biggest challenge is to change the way businesses think about sustainability, corporate responsibility and the environment.

“We are working with the world’s sustainability leaders, but we need to engage more mainstream businesses” explains ClimateCare’s Head of Corporate Partnerships Robert Stevens.

“We need to move them away from thinking about sustainability as philanthropy or an isolated CSR programme, and start using the way they do business as a force for good – investing in supply chains and emerging markets, taking responsibility for social and environmental impacts, providing their products and services to base of pyramid communities and driving customers and suppliers to take responsibility for their social and environmental impacts.”

ClimateCare encourages organisations to get in touch by calling the team on 44(0)1865 591000 to find out how using their own organisation as a force for good can make an immediate, positive difference for people, the environment and their business.

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ClimateCare is a certified B Corporation. We believe that climate change, poverty and sustainable development cannot be tackled in isolation. And that we cannot rely solely on aid. Governments and business must work together to deliver the speed and scale of change required to secure a sustainable future.

That’s why, for the past 19 years, we have mobilised the power and scale of both private and public finance for integrated Climate+Care programmes, which deliver positive environmental and social impacts around the world.

We combine the vision of a social enterprise and the commercial experience of an investment bank. Leveraging mainstream funding, we profitably deliver some of the largest, most successful sustainability initiatives in the world. To date we have worked with hundreds of partners to cut over 20.6 million tonnes of CO2 and at the same time, improved the lives of 16.5 million people. Find out more at

Follow ClimateCare on twitter: @ClimateCare

Press enquiries and image requests, please contact:

Rhiannon Szmigielski, ClimateCare
Tel: +44 (0)1865 591000

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