Clenergy’s projects around the globe

As a global leading company in the international solar photovoltaic market, Clenergy addresses the needs of residential, corporate and utility scale customers. The company has successfully launched its PV-ezRack Mounting Systems, SPH grid connected inverters, SPS three-phase grid-connected inverters and more.

Clenergy’s projects around the globe

Clenergy’s PV-ezRack series mounting systems has been widely used in China, the United States, Australia, European and many other countries since 2008. Successful cases studies include:

>> Project in California, USA

The PV-ezRack SolarTerrace II ground mount project in California, USA, with a project size of 38MW, was completed successfully last April. The efficiency of the project setup was greatly improved by the system’s multiple pre-assembled components and ease of installation. The pole-driven installation method helped overcome the challenges of wetland installation while reducing labor costs.

>> Project in Los Angeles, USA

The 1.2 megawatt PV-ezRack SolarMatrix Pro system is mounted on a building owned by The Dependable Companies. Clenergy worked closely with its client to meet heightened wind-load and seismic-load requirements for the PV-ezRack SolarMatrix Pro. The system now covers 50% of the building’s electricity needs. The system’s excellent compatibility and its use of recyclable materials were highly praised by the client.

Other notable projects include a 7.5MW roof and ground mount project in Baoding, China, and a 300KW project in Australia’s Bendigo Solar Park.

Why Clenergy?

Clenergy’s sales and service network covers multiple countries and has created long-term strategic partnerships with leading industry companies. Clenergy’s reputation for excellence is built on the following pillars of success:

Customer first

The Clenergy team works closely with its clients to cover their specific needs in terms of design, quality, installation, safety and other aspects. Clenergy senior engineers are active on site, collecting fist-hand information and providing service and technical support. Clenergy frequently visits solar photovoltaic projects in China and abroad to ensure it provides the most up-to-date knowledge and experience in the industry to its clients.

Products safety, both during manufacturing and in transit

Detailed protective measures cover our raw materials, semi-finished products and finished components at every stage of the handling, storage and shipment processes. Clenergy minimizes any factors that might cause damage to the greatest extent possible.

Strict inspections throughout the product chain

The company has invested heavily in advanced quality inspection equipment and tailor-makes inspection standards for every product. Products that are in production go through a range of tests and accreditations, including internal testing, third-party testing and TUV accreditation. Prior to shipment, all goods are subject to a series of tests covering product size, appearance, materials testing and component fit and finish. An extra layer of tests is added for customized products, including trial assembly and simulated load tests. Performance inspections and tests include:

  • mechanical tests of the tensile and compression strength of the product, pursuant to GB/2894 standards;
  • corrosion tests, including salt fog testing on anodized aluminum and hot-dip zinc steel, pursuant to GB/T129667.3-2008 & GB/T 6461-2002, and GB/6461-2002 standards;
  • material hardness tests, pursuant to GB/5237-2008 standards; and
  • dimension tests.

Stable performance and resistance to harsh environments

Clenergy guarantees that its products will perform in harsh environments while maintaining stability and performance excellence on the strength of:

  • the use of high-quality materials;
  • the overall strength of the product;
  • multiple high-performance surface coating technologies, including anti-corrosion surface coating, double surface coatings and special surface coating.

Clenergy carefully monitors every link in its quality control process, and executes these measures in order to ensure its products meet or exceed the leading standards of the industry and to satisfy the customer’s pursuit of high quality.

Many world-renowned power companies and suppliers have toured Clenergy’s facilities and operations since 2010. The company’s quality control management systems have consistently won recognition and praise, even as Clenergy continues to improve its quality management system based on market feedback.

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