Clenergy to develop distributed PV market in Fujian, China

Clenergy, the clean energy investor and solar solution provider, recently officially announced that it has entered into an investment agreement with the Xiamen National Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship Center. The two partners will co-operate to develop and construct distributed generation solar projects in Fujian province.

By fully leveraging their market resources and advantages in the government sector, the partners will establish a joint venture and develop about 150MW of distributed solar projects in Fujian, starting with Xiamen city. The first roof mounted solar system will be installed at the Xiamen Innovation Park, where the Entrepreneurship centre is located.

The framework agreement outlines the second phase of their development plan in the coming three years, which focuses on commercial and utility-scale solar projects in Fujian. Major goals of the partnership include bringing solar-related high-tech industries to Fujian province and promoting the sustainable photovoltaic applications in residential and BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) market sectors.

Besides its well-known renewable energy products, Clenergy has successfully entered new business fields in China including solar project investments and services in 2013. Thanks to its business expansion, Clenergy plays a comprehensive role in the development of distributed PV generation in line with the Chinese government’s policies, especially in Xiamen, where Clenergy’s headquarters is located, and in Haixi, the Western Taiwan Strait Economic Zone.

“The signing of the agreement definitely benefits Clenergy’s increasing activities in the region,” said Clenergy CEO Daniel Hong. “As for distributed generation, Clenergy will focus on public facility sectors like bus stations, airports, exhibition centers and libraries,” he added. “With arms wide open, Clenergy welcomes more people to join us in win-win partnerships and to further expand the use of clean and renewable energies, not just in China but all nations globally ” Mr. Hong added.

About Clenergy

Clenergy ( is a technology company in the solar PV industry, with its headquarters in Xiamen, China, and branch offices in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Malaysia. Clenergy designs, manufactures and distributes a range of renewable energy products, including solar PV mounting products, inverters and power electronics equipments, which address the needs of residential, corporate and utility scale customer.

Clenergy is an ISO 9001 accredited company and all of its products comply with international standards. It is through its focus on quality, innovation and service that Clenergy has achieved rapid growth and built a strong international reputation. Clenergy’s products and solutions are marketed and distributed through a worldwide network of strategic partners and distributors. For more information, please visit .

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