Clenergy customizes PV mounting solution for 7 MW roof-mounted project in Haikou, China

The tropical island province of Hainan in southernmost China enjoys rich solar energy resources but also faces severe environmental challenges, including typhoons and saltwater corrosion.  When a world-leading solar energy enterprise, looked for a solution to these challenges as it began a 7 MW roof-mounted project at its factory in Haikou, Hainan, it turned to Clenergy as its exclusive supplier on the strength of its comprehensive skill set and proven track record on utility-scale projects.

Based on local environmental factors, Clenergy optimized its PV-ezRack SolarRoof system for the company’s framed poly-silicon solar panels to address the specific configuration of the factory’s trapezoidal sheet roofs. The new bracket design addressed local wind load requirements and enabled the system to fit the trapezoidal sheets more precisely and firmly.

Moreover, the SolarRoof system features easy installation, while the PV-ezRack SolarRoof’s patented rail, Z-module and splice kits eliminated the need for onsite cutting and welding.

The system’s material, which is made of anodized aluminum (6005) and stainless steel (SUS304), works in conjunction with an optimized structure to ensure a high level of corrosion resistance. High-quality tracks and components with excellent surface coating optimize the system’s lifespan and make it suitable for harsh environments like coastal areas.

“This customized mounting solution is cost-effective and reliable because it is an optimization of our mature and popular product, the PV-ezRack SolarRoof system,” said Clenergy’s senior engineer Mr. Chen Yaping. “Thanks to the mounting products’ great compatibility and ease of installation, our optimized system accelerates installation, ensuring the project is completed on schedule,” he added. “The product’s short delivery cycle is also an advantage.”

Beyond the physical features of Clenergy’s products, the team’s service sets Clenergy apart from the pack. The company’s engineers performed a remarkable amount of initial site inspections, collecting copious data for the project design. As with all Clenergy solutions, the project is tailor-made to the client’s specific needs. Moreover, Clenergy’s experienced technicians also provide installation guidance when the goods are ready to be mounted on site. The professional and efficient support helps to ensure each project’s process. Upon the Haikou project’s successful completion, the client commented positively on several aspects of the partnership, especially the customized solution, supply delivery and product quality.

The benefits of this project continue to accumulate — self-sufficiency in power supply, improved enterprise profitability, lessened pollution — making the client a prime example for the promotion of solar energy in Hainan.

As a strategic partner, Clenergy is proud to support its partner and to be involved in this and similar projects. The two companies have worked together extensively, with projects including a total of 8MW of roof-mounted projects for other factories in Tianjin and in Hengshui. The two companies also teamed up for an 8MW roof-mounted project for a large-scale enterprise in Boding. Both companies look forward to continued cooperation on future projects.

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