Clenergy accredited by TüV InterCert

Clenergy’s product family proudly includes four roof mounting systems and one ground mounting system already accredited byTüVInterCert (Germany).

TÜV is an international inspection and certification body that carries broad influence and authority on the strength of its high standards and strict examinations. TüV InterCert specializes in safety certifications for solar photovoltaic products and other electrical appliances. Inspections cover product performance and safety and product installation feasibility as well as the veracity of product statements such as installing conditions and safety instructions.

TüV InterCert holds 75% of the photovoltaic product inspection and accreditation market worldwide and is widely recognized throughout Europe and Asia. Many countries restrict their renewable energy compensation policies to products that are approved by TüVInterCert.

Approval by TüV InterCert is further proof that the design and manufacture of Clenergy PV-ezRack Mounting System meet or exceed international levels. The certification also underlines the outstanding product life and product installation feasibility of Clenergy products. This will undoubtedly help Clenergy expand its presence in the European market. At present, all Clenergy’s products are designed and manufactured according to the building standards and steel-structure standards of the countries in which they are sold.

International standards and certification have been a part of Clenergy’s design map and manufacturing standards from the very beginning. Clenergy has already obtained approvals from accrediting authorities in Australia, the European Union, Germany and other countries. The most recent products to be certified include the SPH grid-connected inverters, which passed the G59 certification process in the U.K. late last year. Clenergy’s new PV string joint box recently earned CE status in the E.U., as well as Australia’s C-tick certification. Another five Clenergy products are expected to be accredited by TüV InterCert in 2012.

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