China EHS and Sustainability Summit 2015 to be held in August

China EHS and Sustainability Summit 2015” will be held in Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre on August 20th -21st, China. This event is co-hosted by ECV International & State Environmental Protection Engineering Center for Urban Soil Contamination Control and Remediation.

“The Environmental Protection Law”, which is the harshest law ever was formally carried out on Jan 1st this year. “Third-party management advice on propulsion of environmental pollution” was released by the General Office of the State Council on Jan 14th; “Water pollution prevention plan of action” issued on April 16th, meanwhile, “Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Law” and “Soil pollution prevention plan of action” is under the way. Under this circumstance, it is particularly important to adapt to new policy demands and exclude potential risks.

“China EHS and Sustainability Summit 2015” will discuss how to enhance EHS management to satisfy new requirements and achieve sustainability through policy interpretation, covering topics of clean production, occupational health, process safety, waste treatment, supplier audit and best practice sharing. Meanwhile, as a platform facilitating insider exchange and cooperation, the conference will also assist dialogues and collaboration and rise up to opportunities and challenges.

China EHS and Sustainability Summit 2015 will include:

This Summit will focus on the hot topics as below:

  • Interpretation of the new Environmental Protection Law and implementation
  • Overall situation and trend of China’s safe production
  • Assessment of enterprise environmental risk
  • Enhancing EHS system through EHS leadership
  • Building complete and innovative EHS management system and ensuring corporate sustainable development
  • How to improve EHS management and realize sustainability under the new Environmental Protection Law
  • Water resource management boosting economic and environmental sustainable development
  • Overall improvement of supplier’s audit effects
  • Safe production improvement to ensure corporate sustainable development and CSR
  • Improving working environment and safety quality management and employee occupational health and development
  • OHS management practice and experience sharing

More details, please visit our official website:

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