China-based startup launches ‘smart’ air quality monitor

AirVisual, a social enterprise that provides air quality tools and information, launched a portable air quality monitor that displays immediate particulate matter (PM) and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels on a 5” screen and via smartphone.

The AirVisual Node provides real-time PM and CO2 readings along with air quality forecasts, outdoor air quality insights and phone alerts. Additionally, each Node will contribute to an existing network of 8,000 monitors that are analyzed by AirVisual’s deep machine learning technology to track pollution sources and trends while improving the company’s in-house forecasting tools.

“We have always accepted the quality of the air around us without question, even though 1 out of 3 Americans are at risk of suffering from air pollution’s health effects.” says Kelsey Duska, AirVisual Project Lead. “This is partly because we’ve lacked the tools to control what we breathe—until now. With the AirVisual Node, we can instantly see invisible threats around us, which is a critical first step to breathing healthier air.”

The AirVisual Node combines a set of cutting-edge technologies to deliver unprecedented accuracies and durability:

  • High precision laser to counts particles in the air, which is then processed with a unique algorithm to calibrate for external factors such as temperature, humidity and outliers.
  • Bright 5” display compares indoor readings with outdoor data, from the nearest official station, so users know when to ventilate, go outside or stay inside.
  • Intuitive graphs converts air quality data into actionable insight to help users understand when and why they are breathing unhealthy air.
  • Air-flow control fans provide more stable readings and improved durability.
  • Three-day air quality forecasts driven by in-house artificial intelligence enable users to proactively minimize exposure to outdoor air pollution.
  • Supplemental crowd-sourced map allows community members see what is happening in their neighborhood.

“At AirVisual, our goal is to empower everyone to breathe clean, healthy air,” Duska explains, “By adding the AirVisual Node to our set of tools that include our global air quality map and three-day forecasts, we have localized the air quality challenge down to the individual, bringing a seemingly daunting task to something as manageable as a single room.”The AirVisual Node is now available for purchase on crowdfunding website, Indiegogo. Within the first 48 hours, the campaign has already successfully reached it’s goal.

About AirVisual

AirVisual provides the tools and information people need to thrive in polluted environments. By employing big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies, AirVisual delivers user-friendly, simple solutions to optimize health and well-being, both indoors and out.

To learn more about air quality, its impacts on health, pollution forecasts and the AirVisual Node, please visit

Media Contact: 

Kelsey Duska, Project Lead, AirVisual
Phone: +852-8191-3218
Twitter: @MyAirVisual

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