Central Asia goes solar

More than 2, 200 MW of PV plants’ installed capacity will be built in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan together, according to the plans for the development of the energy sector of the, write IBCentre.

As expected, Azerbaijan will become the most fast growing national market for solar energy development. The state is going to install about 1 GW up to 2020.

Today, the legislative framework for renewable energy industry development in this country is on the stage of implementation. As expected, the size of feed-in tariff for pv plants in Azerbaijan will be about 0.20 €/KWh.

According to the information of IBCentre, Kazakhstan has already have the feed-in tariff of 0.145 €/KWh and is going to build 300 MW of pv plants until 2018. At the same time, Uzbekistan is going to implement the renewable energy supporting scheme in 2015, and, as expected, the feed-in tariff size for pv plants is going to be 0.150 €/KWh.

Two countries of the region – Tadzhikistan and Turkmenistan – are going to create the legislative base for solar energy development in 2016. The level of feed-in tariff is expected to be 0.140 and 0.165 €/KWh and the goal for solar energy development in these countries are 140 and 450 MW respectively. Kyrgyzstan is going to have 120 MW of pv installed capacity until 2018, but, as expected, the feed-in tariff (0.110 €/KWh) here will be adopted only in 2017.

The solar energy industry development, legislative framework, regulatory policy, investment attraction and technical peculiarities of solar energy project development are key topics of the 4th International Conference and Exhibition “Development of the solar energy industry in the South Caucasus, Eastern Europe and Central Asia” CISOLAR-2015, witch will be held 16-17 April 2015 in Baku (Azerbaijan).

The organizers of the largest solar energy industry event in the region is the State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources of Azerbaijan and IBCentre. CISOLAR-2015 will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Azerbaijan.

CISOLAR-2015 is a unique communication platform for decision-makers and business representatives for the development of solar energy projects in the region. CISOLAR-2015 gathers top managers of companies in the energy sector, heads of regional departments of global industrial companies, heads of industry associations and organizations, senior representatives of the authorities in the field of renewable energy, international financial institutions,key international experts in the solar energy industry, key regional and international media enlightening the industry development.

The detailed information about CISOLAR-2015 is on the official web-site of the event – www.cis-solar.com

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