Carrier to distribute next-gen Toshiba VRF system

Carrier Singapore Pte Ltd. (Carrier Singapore) announced the launch of the Toshiba Super Modular Multi System-e (SMMS-e), a next-generation variable refrigerant flow (VRF)system that combines industry-leading energy efficiency with expanded capacity loads and a smaller modular footprint.

Carrier Singapore distributes Toshiba air conditioning products in Singapore as part of a global alliance agreement between the two businesses. Carrier, the world’s leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

The SMMS-e is the next generation model of the Toshiba VRF system and boasts a number of industry-leading system enhancements, including an expanded single outdoor unit capacity, as well as an expanded combination capacity.

Driven by high-volume compressors and Toshiba’s high-performance inverter, the product is now one of the most energy efficient in the industry. The SMMS-e has a single unit outdoor capacity of up to 22HP, which enables building owners to save on the footprint occupied by each system, with a reduced number of combined modular units necessary to obtain a high capacity.

An ideal system to support green building development, the SMMS is designed to help meet increased demand for high-efficiency building systems that use less energy and lower the overall carbon footprint of buildings.

“We are delighted to distribute yet another innovative Toshiba cooling product that specifically caters to the needs of our customers in the Southeast Asia region,” said Oon Wee Chin, president, UTC Climate, Controls & Security, Southeast Asia.

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Appendix: Key product features

Partial load performance for higher energy efficiency

SMMS-e is the only product in the heating, ventilating and cooling industry that has obtained a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) of at least 7.0 for all available chassis options both on a stand-alone and combination basis. It has also achieved one of the highest class nominal efficiency ratios in the industry: 6.39 for EER with the 8HP module.

Incorporated in Toshiba’s new VRF system design are three cutting-edge technologies that deliver industry-leading energy-efficient performance:

Compressor: Application of a diamond-like carbon coating to the rotary vane of the DC twin rotary compressor successfully reduces friction and provides an expanded RPS range from 15RPS to 115RPS, while ensuring reliable operation.

Heat Exchanger: The new and enhanced heat exchanger design improves overall heat exchange efficiency by using a smaller tube diameter to reduce the pitch of the tubes, increasing the number of tube rows.

Accumulator: The new refrigerant system is designed with a modified outlet tube which improves refrigerant circulation and capacity.

High-volume single outdoor unit modules rated as one of the industry’s best

The expanded capacities on both the standalone (22HP) and combination bases (60HP) enable the reduction in the number of outdoor unit modules and the labor hours required for piping, wiring and hoisting of units onto the top of the building for installation.

Toshiba’s standalone model has one of the smallest footprints among models of the same class in the industry. The two-propeller fan system was newly developed for the SMMS-e to minimize noise.

Easier service and maintenance

The SMMS-e is the first system in the industry to include a contactless communication unit as its standard equipment offering, designed for ease of service and maintenance. The SMMS-e is compatible with near field communication, a protocol for contactless communication between devices and smartphones. The SMMS Wave Tool application can be downloaded from a dedicated website and installed on the smartphone.

During installation and service, customers can obtain service and maintenance data such as system configuration and error code history through this application without removing the front panel of the outdoor unit. This feature can be used even when the outdoor unit is not connected to a power source. The data obtained via the SMMS Wave Tool may be sent via e-mail; this email capability facilitates communication between on-premise personnel with colleagues in the office to seek technical support or to share the database of service and maintenance history.

Expanded flexibility in piping design

With the SMMS-e, up to 18 units of 8HP module indoor units can now be connected. When the SMMS-e modules are used in combination, the number of connectable indoor units is also improved to 64 units. The SMMS-e also features improvements on maximum piping length; the maximum pipe length between the outdoor unit and the farthest indoor unit is increased to 235m, while the maximum height difference between the indoor and outdoor units is extended to 40m, both of which are best in the industry. The piping length from the first branch joint to the farthest indoor unit is also extended to up to 90m. These enhancements provide the utmost flexibility in design and installation.

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