Bringing innovative minds together at the Australian Smart Lighting Summit 2015

Featuring prominent speakers from all over the world, The 3rd Annual Australian Smart Lighting Summit will take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 8th & 9th of September 2015 as Australia’s premier forum for the discussion of smart lighting and upcoming street lighting opportunities and technologies.

Endorsed by City of Melbourne, the event sparks an incredible opportunity for local government organisations and lighting designers to embrace smart lighting technologies within the realm of government and industrial design.

Hundreds of delegates from a wide range of municipality and public works will be attending, including the presence of lighting designers, architects, engineers, consultants and developers, to share ideas on how best to embrace smart lighting innovations and practices.

With the participation of over 40 councils from all over Australia, the 2014 edition of the Annual Australian Smart Lighting Summit witnessed participation of prominent energy providers, road and public works authorities, lighting engineers and designers.

Australia has witnessed a host of significant lighting projects in recent years with The Great South Coast Street Smart Lighting Program which has seen up to 7,500 street lights replaced with energy efficient lighting in residential streets across the South West Region, as well the upcoming Lighting The Regions project which plans to oversee the replacement of almost 23,000 council street lights to more energy efficient alternatives.

Architects and industrial designers are constantly trying to discover stylish and clever ways to adopt lighting into our lives that reflect on who we are as people while also keeping to proper energy efficiency. Ian Dryden, Senior Industrial Designer, City of Melbourne, will be exploring the Implementation of City Lighting and how it reflects on our lives. His wonderful designs litter the landscape from the very amenities, news-stands and tram stops we experience on a daily basis within Melbourne.

The implementation of smart lighting brings with it greater safety and insight into the elegance of inclusive design. Leni Schwendinger, Associate Principal, Arup, will be presenting Night-time Lighting for Urban Spaces, exploring the ways in which light can be used to spark our night skies. Her intensive work into the sphere of design encompasses more than 20 years creating architectural and infrastructure environments all over the world.

One symbolic reason why smart lighting has progressed so tremendously over the past few years is due to the admirable engineers and designers who have taken their talent to helping society develop its energy strategies. Michael Sparrow, Senior Lighting Design Engineer, Lend Lease, has been designing lighting solutions for over 30 years. His experience working in lead design roles has given him an incredible overview of alternative lighting technologies. Currently working on the Barangaroo project in Sydney he will be sharing his visions in A Lighting Journey through Darling Harbour Live, exploring unique ideas into lighting design for the public realm.

In 2012 the City of Mississauga embarked on an LED conversion project involving the replacement of more than 53,000 LED fixtures and 160 gateways. Canadian technology angel investor and serial-entrepreneur Bernard Tetu, President, DimOnOff, has been responsible for the preparation, deployment and monitoring of the project and will be presenting Smart Lighting a Backbone for Smart Cities Infrastructure and Internet of Things.

The 3rd Annual Australian Smart Lighting Summit 2015 is being held on the 8th & 9th of September 2015 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

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