Billion Electric optimises solar production with cloud solution

Billion Electric Co Ltd, a foremost solution provider in the development of Smart Energy and Smart Grid, today celebrates its successful partnership with the largest solar panel installer in Australia.

Billion-designed BEsmart Solar Monitoring System, constructed by smart meters, Internet gateways, and cloud system, is proven to maximize solar asset management successfully and increase the yield of energy production.

International utility companies are widely recognizing the importance of green energy and sustainability after the energy conservation movement began to progress. Especially in Australia, the adoption of clean energy is growing rapidly among residential users as a cost-efficient replacement of expensive electricity resource.

Hundreds of thousands of people start to install small solar panels on top of their households, collect the free sunlight, and exchange into additional monthly paycheck with utility companies. However, solar owners normally lack the proper technology that monitors the current status of their solar systems. The absence of an open auditing system commonly causes the delay of detecting facility abnormality and the inconsistency between the paychecks issued by a utility company and the money that solar owners should collect.

To help solar owners gain an easy access to the status of their solar systems, Billion partners with the largest solar installer in Australia and integrates its wholly-owned smart meters, Internet gateways, and cloud software in every solar installation. The intelligent monitoring system begins to assist the business in highlighting problematic areas and closely monitoring daily solar generation.

Solar installer can now ensure that clients’ solar systems are working at the most optimum level, resulting in maximum solar generation and increasing power returned to the grid. With an average revenue of ten million USD dollars per year, Billion has distributed over 7000 sets of solar energy management solution to the solar installer who provides additional monitoring service for solar owners since 2011.

The sales value of solar installer has significantly risen over the four years of time frame and is making more money than it ever did. Before, when the purchase usually ended after the installation of solar equipments, solar installer is now given more options to generate long-term profits by providing system performance reports and collecting monthly monitoring fees.

The transparent solar performance index further allows solar owners to build social groups, as well as to share and discuss in-depth information about the quality of various vendors and the effectiveness of different brands of maintenance equipments.

Commenting on the new business model, Jason Liao, Deputy Manager of the Power and Energy Management Division at Billion Electric Co. Ltd, says, “By combing energy measurement with the latest Internet of Things (IoTs) technology, solar installers can assist their clients in monitoring the real-time status of solar systems built at scattered locations. BEsmart Solar Cloud Solution not only drastically increases the convenience of remote asset management, but also optimizes the yield of solar power production. This energy monitoring facility will surely become an essence that every solar system must have in the foreseeable future”.


Billion Electric Co., Ltd. (, TAIEX: 3027, trading as Billion) is a technology vanguard with over 42 years of experience in providing Smart Grid, Smart Energy, Smart Lighting, Cloud Computing solutions to system integrators and ESCO (Energy Saving Company). Dedicated in the wellness of our eco-system, Billion invests in four independently owned R&D laboratories with over 900 specialists across the spectrum of manufacturing, logistics, product developments.

Media inquiries:
Elaine Chen
Marketing Communication Specialist, Billion Electric
Mobile: +886 02 29145665 ext. 317


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