Big data in Onshore Wind O&M: New report series transforms scarce operational data

The lack of transparency concerning operational performance data from wind energy assets has historically been a key stumbling block at both the industry and company level.

In the absence of open dialogue between the gatekeepers of performance and cost data the industry has yet to carve out a set of performance gold standards whilst the cost-competiveness of wind energy versus other generation industries has no doubt been stalled by this.

To mark the launch of Wind Energy Update’s Onshore O&M Report Series 2015 we have teamed up with leading wind performance data analysts and report collaborator, Sciemus, to reconcile this lack of transparency with regards to operational field data through this exclusive white paper.

In this paper Sciemus consider the complete Big Data proposition from overcoming data scarcity challenges in the first instance through to the harnessing of operational data to benchmark asset performance against and intelligently inform O&M strategies thereafter.

This marks just the start of the discussion, with Sciemus having carried out exclusive analysis on turbine, component and system level reliability for the Onshore O&M Report Series 2015 representing a cumulative turbine capacity of 5.9 GW over 18 years and extracted from a database of ~180,000 years of operational project data.

This white paper has been produced in conjunction with the launch of the Onshore O&M Report Series 2015, with research focused into three key areas:

  • WEU Onshore Asset Optimization & Reliability Benchmarking Report 2015 (publication March 2015)
  • WEU Onshore O&M Services Report 2015 (publication March 2015)
  • WEU Onshore O&M Strategies Report 2015 (publication April 2015)

To get your copy of this white paper Big Data in Onshore Wind O&M: How to leverage the right data to gain accurate performance benchmarking for building an optimum O&M strategy.

For more information on how the WEU Onshore O&M Report Series 2015 can help you to optimize asset performance & reliability, navigate through the increasingly complex O&M services landscape and configure the most effective O&M strategy for your assets please click here.

Or contact directly:
Simi Ramabhadran
Global Account Manager
Wind Energy Update
T: +44 (0) 207 422 4338

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