Assembly’s Eco-Town Planning Competition on Iskandar’s Waterfront

Youths will have the opportunity to become city planners, mayors, architects, engineers and project developers in an upcoming competition “Planning a Clean and Green Waterfront, Iskandar” held in Singapore on February 1, 2013.

For the second year running, this eco town planning competition is targeted at students aged 14 to 19 years old from Secondary or High Schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, International Schools and Higher Learning institutions in Singapore, Malaysia and around the world. The challenge is for participants to get creative and innovative as they face real urban challenges and problems. The objective is to plan sustainable, liveable, eco-friendly townships where every stakeholder’s needs are met.

It gets more engaging as a real case scenario is used and students write their proposal, make a presentation and construct their prototype townships based on this case study. This year, ASSEMBLY takes on the new powerhouse in the region, Iskandar Malaysia. Participants will propose eco-friendly urban development solutions to enhance the waterfront region of Iskandar which faces the Straits of Johor.

“Iskandar region is developing into an environmental-friendly, socially-responsible metropolis. We are looking forward to green ideas put forth by youths from both Malaysia and Singapore students in this competition,” says Ms Sylvia Van Remoortele, CEO of Activistar Advocacy, an educational platform set up to promote environmental awareness and sustainable developments.

Working in teams of four to six, participants will hone their interdisciplinary skills of humanities, geography, social studies and oral presentation skills to showcase their talents and defend their proposals.

The competition starts on February 1 and ends in March 17th. Happening in between this period are training workshops and site visits. This is to familiarize the participants to the area and also equip them with the basic understanding of town planning and the knowledge of incorporating green features.

Judges from civic society, scientists, academics, educators and domain experts give the competition an extra professional edge. The top three winners will earn bragging rights to the title “Youth Leaders for a Sustainable Future 2013”.

And it does not end here. The projects go on a second life as:

  • The best three proposals are presented to the country’s planning authorities.
  • Ten best prototype townships go on a Road Show for six weeks to further spread the message of sustainable development.

Registration is open now. Early bird registrants (by 30 Dec 2012) will get a chance to win a flight with the Johor Flying Club to enjoy an aerial view of Iskandar, Johor.

For more information, please contact:

Geraldine Sim
Advisor-Environment and Public Health
Activistar Pte Ltd.

Nadia Albahar
Business Development Director
Activistar Pte Ltd.


ASSEMBLY advocates environmentally sustainable developments through creating well planned sustainable cities. Another community project by Activistar-Advocacy. It aims to raise awareness about the environment to today’s youth and to groom youth leaders for a sustainable future.

The project is supported by the Iskandar Region Development Authority ( IRDA) and adopted by its sustainability arm as part of their activities to promote a green and sustainable developments in Iskandar.

It is backed by the Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore’s leading centre for networking, training and research.

International agencies include INTA (France) and CityNet.

Corporate sponsors include Mulpha Land for Leisure Farm Resort, Pacific Radiance Group, National Library Board amongst others.

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