Alfa Laval introduces D3PRO oil recovery purification system at POMREQ

At the 2014 MPOB National Seminar on Palm Oil Milling, Refining, Environment and Quality (POMREQ) in Kuching, East Malaysia, from 3-4 November, 2014, Alfa Laval – a global supplier to the palm oil and vegetable oil industries – presents a variety of new innovative solutions with focus on high yield and sustainability and introduces its well-received D3PRO oil recovery purification system to the millers.

Alfa Laval has for many decades provided the technologies, experience and engineering capabilities that enable players in the palm oil and vegetable oil industries to operate their key processes at maximum efficiency with best product yield and minimum environmental impact.

“Ever since the 1960’s, Alfa Laval has pioneered the processing technology of palm oil, transforming the business landscape from smaller soap-making activities to include modern commercial-scale facilities for cooking oil,” says Seppo Hyvonen, Regional Manager Alfa Laval.

“Today, the landscape and need for processing technology have changed as the industry continues to grow. And Alfa Laval leverages on our innovative palm oil value chain providing not only high-end components but also complete, sustainable solutions to the industry”.

The D3PRO 3-phase oil recovery process is good example of Alfa Laval innovation. This application was developed with existing challenges of palm oil milling in mind with the hope to bring performance beyond current practice.

At Alfa Laval’s stand no. 14 at POMREQ, visitors will not only get the opportunity to hear about the company’s many widely recognized palm oil solutions, our experts are ready to offer solutions and provide more insights on how Alfa Laval’s innovations can be a better alternatives to traditional technology for processing. Several new innovations that offer sustainable solutions that helps to generate more income, less waste are also presented to POMREQ visitors.

  • To help palm oil millers meet the growing demand for palm oil, Alfa Laval has extended its portfolio with very large machines. Separator capacities go up to 18 m3/h, with the new 16 m3/h PAPX 10 as a cost-efficient alternative to two smaller separators. The latest innovations in decanter technology enables oil clarification of up to 90 FFB/h with significantly reduced effluents and low energy consumption.
  • For treatment of palm oil mill effluent (POME) ALDEC decanters efficiently desludge anaerobic ponds, thus reducing the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and amount of suspended solids going to the aerobic ponds. The latest decanter design ensures energy savings of up to 30% thanks to a new liquid outlet. Final polishing with membrane bio-reactors (MBR), the most advanced wastewater treatment technology, further ensures maximum reduction of BOD to meet final effluent discharge parameters.
  • Using a decanter to recover palm oil from empty fruit bunch (EFB) liquor separately, instead of mixing it with the freshly pressed oil, offers clear benefits for your operation. High performance Alfa Laval PANX three-phase decanters are purposely designed for recovering the oil from the empty fruit bunches as well as separating the water and solids from the liquor. When developing the PANX range Alfa Laval focused on efficient, reliable separation of liquid, dry solids (cake), and oil for maximum oil recovery with minimum oil losses.
  • For palm oil refining, Alfa Laval has developed a process design where a high-speed separator for gum removal combined with pre-filtration before bleaching can reduce the amount of spent bleaching earth for disposal and limit the amount of lost oil.
  • Many solutions are available for optimum heat recovery, e.g. Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers and patented double deck VHE economizer (vacuum heat exchanger). A new single deck version suitable for palm oil economizing at high capacities will be introduced to you during the event.
  • SoftColumn Dual-Strip, a new process for continuous deodorization and deacidification, will also be presented for the first time at the exhibition. It is a further development of Alfa Laval’s widely used packed column technology. The new process is especially suitable for very large capacities. Compared to standard deodorization technologies, the Dual-Strip process delivers palm oil with improved quality and maximum efficiency.
  • The portfolio of methods to help minimize the amount of effluent from the deodorizers’ vacuum system if further expanded with IceTrap freeze condensers, which eliminate the need for compression of the process vapour before condensing.
  • Iso-Mix rotary jet head is a new cost-efficient method to melt crystals deposited inside crystallizers for fats modification e.g. dry fractionation that saves time and energy.
  • Palm oil processors in search of high value enriched product streams can look forward to Alfa Laval’s new TocoBoost technology (patent pending) to recover product streams enriched in micronutrients such as squalene or the highly potent tocotrienol antioxidants from the deodorizer vapour steam. These can be used for e.g. dietary supplements, health care and cosmetic products.
  • Inedible and high FFA crude palm oil, mill effluent and by-products from palm oil refineries can be turned into high value biofuel products with versatile Alfa Laval Ageratec processes for (trans-) esterification and advanced glycerol treatment (AGT).

About Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

The company’s equipment, systems and services are dedicated to assisting customers in optimizing the performance of their processes. The solutions help them to heat, cool, separate and transport products in industries that produce food and beverages, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and ethanol.

Alfa Laval’s products are also used in power plants, aboard ships, in the mechanical engineering industry, in the mining industry and for wastewater treatment, as well as for comfort climate and refrigeration applications.

Alfa Laval’s worldwide organization works closely with customers in nearly 100 countries to help them stay ahead in the global arena.

Alfa Laval is listed on Nasdaq OMX, and, in 2013, posted annual sales of about SEK 29.9 billion (approx. 3.45 billion Euros). The company has today, after the acquisition of Frank Mohn AS, about 18 000 employees.

For more information please contact:

Zay Aw, Communications Manager, Southeast Asia, Mobile +60 17 3699 628,

Daphney Tai, Communications Executive, Southeast Asia, Mobile +6017 795 1015,

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