AEG Power Solutions consolidates its DC Telecom and embedded power supply activities, formerly Harmer & Simmons, under AEG Power Solutions Name

AEG Power Solutions today announced the consolidation of its former Harmer & Simmons activities under its single, global name: AEG Power Solutions. The company’s entire range of power supply systems and solutions, including high reliability UPS systems, industrial chargers and DC systems, power controllers or solar inverters will be marketed worldwide under the AEG Power Solutions brand. The transition to the new name will be complete by year end.

“This marks the final step of our branding strategy which started in 2008, when all new energies activities and industrial power solutions adopted AEG Power Solutions. The choice of AEG Power Solutions as our single, worldwide name for all our businesses brings more legibility and consistency to our strategy. Our vision and business model is built on the convergence between our two major activities, renewable energies and energy efficiency solutions, into innovative power management solutions for all kinds of demanding applications. Our DC Telecom and embedded power solutions are fully part of our energy efficiency solutions business which gathers our portfolio of reliable, high availability power systems for energy, water, transportation and communication infrastructure. It made sense to brand them as such”, said Dr Horst J. Kayser, CEO of AEG PS. “Since its creation more than a century ago, the AEG name has stood for innovation, high reliability and world-class engineering. We want our customers to know that everywhere, in every kind of industry, they can rely on us for innovative power solutions.”

“The consolidation of our industrial and telecom portfolios under single, dedicated, global brands marks an important milestone,” said Dr Kayser. “It shows that we have aligned our resources and expertise to better serve our customers’ specific needs and underlines our resolutely global and integrated approach to our markets.”

Facilities and sites dedicated to telecom and embedded power solutions activities, including those in Italy, Penang, India and Lannion, France will adopt AEG Power Solutions as their official name by the end of 2010.

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