Adopt a hemp plant!

Grow Your Own Cannabis Plant – Legally

Today you can adopt your own hemp plant – meaning you can finally grow your own. Well, kind of.

At Byron Bay’s first public hemp farm, which opened this weekend you can adopt a hemp plant.

For just $10 one can sign up on the internet and receive photos of your very own hemp seed being incubated from seed to plant. Photos are sent to the ‘owner’ and there is even an option to receive the plant post-harvest – less the ‘heads’ of course.

Industrial Hemp is now legal to grow in NSW and most states of Australia and the industry is slowing growing. The huge potential of hemp is well known: the fibre may be used for building, paper making, textiles and bio-plastics, with the seed being a super-food and fuel.

The hemp crop farm is a venture of long-time hemp-renaur Paul Benhaim. “Education is required in Australia which is the last western country in the world to allow hemp as a food.” states Benhaim, author of 9 books on industrial hemp.

The hemp farm is now open to visits with the first industrial hemp museum, learn how to make hemp chocolates and other hemp foods without the munchies, or the ability to eat them!

Planting season is from October to  end of November – so adopt your hemp plant today at

Bookings taken at or 02 8003 3032

Media Kit, High Resolution Images and more at

Invitation to free Media and chocolate tasting event on request!

WITH THANKS TO: Hemp Gallery, Rockcote, Painted Earth, Hemp Foods Australia

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