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ABB spearheads the energy efficiency discussion in Singapore

About 250 energy professionals attended the Singapore National Energy Efficiency Conference organized by the National Environment Agency, Energy Market Authority and Economic Development Board. The conference focuses on energy efficiency as a business opportunity, and ABB’s Head of Energy Efficiency, Jim Kelly, was invited to give the keynote speech.

Jim spoke about how energy efficiency can add to productivity and achieve cost savings. He shared how effective energy management systems can contribute to energy efficiency.

“Improving energy efficiency is the fastest and cheapest way to reduce energy use and emissions while mitigating the need for power generation and resource acquisition to support economic growth,” says Jim.

Industries account for about one-third of the world’s energy demand. Jim mentioned key industrial players in Singapore can successfully reduce their carbon emissions, as successful case studies presented in the conference show that the return on investment is clear, and the economic benefits can be reaped quickly. For Singapore, leading in the energy efficiency space will reinforce Singapore’s attraction as a destination for industrial capital investments.

ABB’s energy efficiency projects in Singapore have helped nine companies reduce their energy use by 7.3 GWh per year, equivalent to 3600 tons of CO2 annually. The savings in electrical bills have led some local industrial operations to achieve payback time within less than 12 months.

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