381.6 kWp solar PV system commissioned on shopping mall in Philippines

Gaisano Capital, Cleantech Solar, and SasonbiSolar have jointly commissioned a 381.6 kWp Solar Photovoltaic (“Solar PV”) system on top of Gaisano Capital Casuntingan mall in Mandaue City, Cebu. Cleantech Solar financed the installation and will maintain the system over its lifetime, while Gaisano Capital will enjoy clean and renewable solar electricity. SasonbiSolar, a local Solar PV integrator, installed the system.

The Casuntingan Solar PV system is the first commissioned project for Gaisano Capital. It is expected to generate over 11 GWh of clean solar electricity over its lifetime. This is the equivalent of removing 5,300 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Mr. Edmund Gaisano, Jr., VP Operations of Gaisano Capital said “We are pleased to work with Cleantech Solar and SasonbiSolar for deployment of our first Solar PV project. As an environmentally conscious company we are always looking for ways to decrease our carbon footprint and this project will help to reach our goals. This is only the start of our commitment to renewable energy and we hope to deploy further Renewable Energy projects at several of our malls in the near future”

Mr. Toby Gan, Director of Cleantech Solar Philippines said “We are happy to have Gaisano Capital as our client. Gaisano Capital shares similar views on environmental stewardship and the Casuntingan Solar PV project is a testament to taking direct action in reducing carbon emissions. We look forward to working with Gaisano Capital during the lifetime of the project.”

The Casuntingan Solar PV project is installed with 1,440 Solar PV modules, which convert sunshine into usable electricity. The project was installed over a 4-month period under a turnkey Engineering Procurement & Construction (“EPC”) contract with SasonbiSolar. Mr Dante Briones, CEO of SasonbiSolar said “We are excited to be part of this team to bring Solar PV electricity to Gaisano Capital. This marks an important milestone for our company as this is our first 3rd party-financed installation.”

The commissioning of the Casuntingan Solar PV system is the first step of a long partnership between the companies. Over the coming months this system will be monitored and performance analyzed compared to expected carbon reduction. To this end, Cleantech will be providing all parties with a sophisticated web-based monitoring dashboard that will give near real-time performance statistics for Casuntingan and other future solar projects. Based on the experience gained from this project the team will work to install Solar PV systems on other malls to further increase environmental benefits.

About Gaisano Capital:

The current Gaisano Capital Group, with 32 branches is one of the largest retail malls in the Philippines. The current managing owners, third generation Gaisanos, have continued on the legacy started by their grandfather and subsequently passed on to their father, Mr. Edmund Gaisano Sr., by bringing quality service and products to their customers at very reasonable prices without sacrificing efficiency.

The company still boasts of its roster of loyal employees who have been with the company since their father’s time. The company keeps in its heart the ability to give the Filipino people a means of livelihood. Truly, Gaisano Capital’s presence can be felt in the community. Through its community outreach programs or by their generous donations through the Gaisano Capital Foundation where the company has helped ensure the future of this nation.


About Cleantech Solar:

Cleantech Solar is a pan-Asian developer and owner of rooftop solar photovoltaic systems providing power for Commercial & Industrial customers.

Cleantech Solar offers a unique combination of financial strength with expert knowledge in PV system design, installation, operation and maintenance. Across South East Asia Cleantech Solar is helping companies of all sizes reduce their utility bills and CO2 footprints without having to tie up any of their capital.


About SasonbiSolar:

SasonbiSolar is a full-service Solar PV systems integrator.

The company is composed of professionals passionate about the propagation of solar energy use in the Philippines. SasonbiSolar covers everything from design, engineering, and installation through highly qualified and certified engineers and service personnel. SansonbiSolar’s customers are a testament to the high value put into customer service and integrity.

SasonbiSolar uses only the best-in-class, high-quality equipment to build solar PV systems. Its experiences in previous projects and professions contribute to the continuously improving processes in planning and executing projects. Each of SasonbiSolar’s solar PV system installations is of the highest quality and workmanship.


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