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Vanishing Worlds: Doing my part, by Elizabeth Tan

 Life’s pretty decent. Not only do I have a roof over my head and food on the table, but also I’m able to afford a university education (I study accounting at SMU) and still have leftovers for shopping, other whims and fancies, holidays and sightseeing.

Yet what we enjoy excessively here and take for granted (air-con and the likes) contributes to global warming and is changing the fate of many communities elsewhere. Climate change and other ill-effects of global warming are real and the damage is not going to slow if we don’t do anything about it. I’ve decided to do something about it by helping create awareness for our dying environment.

Vanishing Worlds is a documentary on the devastating effects of global warming on three communities around the world. The hardships faced by three families are detailed as Mother Nature robs them of the land their lives are built upon – land being eroded away by the Indian Ocean, farmlands lost to desertification in China and sinking houses in Alaska due to the melting of frozen mud. It is directed by multi-award filmmaker Estephan Wagner and his documentary team is trying to raise funds to complete the production of the film.

I created a website on tumblr to help spread awareness for Vanishing Worlds – a one-stop shop where you can find all the necessary information about the documentary. I included the trailer, some photographs, did a few write-ups on what this film is about and added links to the online donation page. Now, I just need help from the netizens to share this site with as many people as they can and to make a small donation that is within their means.

Making a little donation and spreading awareness about Vanishing Worlds isn’t much on my part but it is the least I can do for Estephan Wagner and his team. Hopefully it’s the start of a long journey in environmental activism - I am still trying to figure out how I can play a bigger role and share my good fortune with others.

Join me.


Visit the website here:

Direct URL for the online donation page:

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