City hospitals take a green turn

When a known city hospital opened a branch in Wanowrie recently,it just didn’t speak of the host of medical services it had on offer,it even boasted of an international certification for the hospital building’s environment-friendly design,including its furniture made of recyclable wood and aluminium.

Keeping pace with new facilities coming up in town are two fairly old hospitals in Koregaon Park that recently commissioned effluent treatment plants to treat their wet waste and to recycle water,apart from of course using energy-efficient fixtures in their hospital buildings.

Much like these three,several hospitals have already adopted ‘green’ practices like rainwater harvesting,solar heating,daylight integration and installation of energy-efficient fixtures to bring down their carbon footprint.Experts say environment-friendly and sustainable hospitals - ‘green hospitals’ are the need of the hour.

Hospitals have both economic reasons as well as concern for the environment to take the green turn.After all,the ‘green’ practices city hospitals have adopted have not only cut down their burden on the environment,but have also brought down their operational costs as well.

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