153 polluters near Shanghai Disney Resort to close

More than 150 heavy polluting enterprises near Shanghai Disney Resort will be closed by the end of next year — although the attraction is due to open some months earlier.

These closures are to help create a better environment for the Pudong New Area tourism site, which is set to open next spring, said officials.

The Shanghai Economy and Informatization Commission said the 153 industrial enterprises involved, located on the east side of Pudong’s Shenjiang Road, are assessed as heavy polluters and heavy energy users with low efficiency.

They are located in the villages of Jiebang, Qigan, Beizhuang and Wanan — some just five kilometers from the resort.

While the commission did not name any of the enterprises, it said they were involved in industries such as iron and steel production, chemical engineering, construction materials and machinery.

Private enterprises subject to such orders are usually compensated to relocate.

This is part of the city government’s industrial restructuring.

The Pudong New Area government said tourism, agriculture, public services and other more eco-friendly sectors will be promoted near Shanghai Disney Resort.

Meanwhile, other heavy polluters in Pudong’s Heqing Town, plus in Jinshan and Fengxian districts will be closed later this year, said the commission.

According to a report released by the commission last week, 73 companies and factories around the city were ordered to shut down or move out of Shanghai in the first half of the year.

These included the Shanghai Yulei Textile Product Company and Shanghai Donglu Dyeing Company, the Shanghai Caojing Chemical Plant, Shanghai Fule Concrete Company and the Shanghai Shengchang Casting Company.

Under industrial restructuring, the city aims to cut coal consumption by 40,000 tons every year.

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