WEnergy Global Webinar “Sustainability Investments: what would it take to redirect capital?”

In the WEnergy Global Webinar “Sustainability Investments: what would it take to redirect capital?” on 19 August 2020 at 17:00-18:30 Singapore Time, a dialogue with Ms. Frannie Léautier, Senior Partner of SouthBridge Group and CEO of SouthBridge Investments, Mr. Boris Petersik, Director of Tantallon Tech & Sustainability Fund, Tantallon Capital, Shareholder of WEnergy Global, and Mr. Atem Ramsundersingh, Founder and CEO of WEnergy Global.

This webinar aims to share views on what sustainability investments are. What requires to change in order to redirect capital towards sustainable development, in particular how to support clean electrification of off-grid communities in Asia and Africa? And what needs to change in our existing minds, institutions, of banks, investors and government agencies, and frameworks such that capital could flow into the sustainability sector?

ASEAN alone has over 100 million people without access to electricity, Nigeria over 85 million people without access to power and the whole world has over 900 million people without access.

Inside the Dialogue The challenges seen over the past 8 years are that banks and investors are not familiar with sustainability investments, including handling risks and opportunities. Their old operating procedures and thinking is very much focused on conventional products, such as mortgages, car loans, and perhaps equipment financing.

They have no idea how to enter the business of financing micro-grids, hybrid power generation systems, using clean energy sources, and conventional sources such as diesel, combined with energy storage systems. On the other hand, government agencies do not have their policies updated to allow the private sector to support off-grid electrification or are missing the capacity to evaluate new technologies being proposed to provide clean electricity in off-grid communities.

Webinar Programme

Welcome and Introduction

Dialogue with panelists



Webinar Moderator:

Mr. Quintin Pastrana, Head of Business Development of WEnergy Global and President of WEnergy Power Pilipinas Inc

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