Webinar: Busting the myths of community and philanthropic measurement

Measuring community and philanthropy programmes can seem quite daunting to many companies. As identified in research by Corporate Citizenship, several challenges stand in the way of measurement including a lack of clarity over what to measure and a lack of a clear approach to follow.

Companies may think that measuring community and philanthropic activity and investment is too time consuming, too expensive or too complicated.

Join us for this 30-minute live webinar as we bust some common measurement myths and misconceptions. We will look at a range of measurement challenges faced by companies, and explore how best to tackle them. Whether you are already well on your way to successful measurement, or you are just starting your journey, we are here to answer your measurement questions, however big or small.

If you would like to submit a question ahead of the webinar, please use the registration form.

Registration Details

Wednesday 30th November

9:30am session GMT – Register here

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