US-Africa Energy Summit 2017

The US-Africa Summit on Energy shall be an annual event that would seek solutions to the debilitating shortage of power supply in sub-Saharan Africa. The summits would especially emphasize the salient fact that the model of centralized power supply as practiced in many African countries is no longer serviceable in a 21st century economy, and that decentralization and privatization provide a sustainable trajectory of growth and reliability. The inaugural summit of 2017 articulates the first steps in this promising enterprise of collaborative initiatives; it is co-convened by the International Business Resource Center (IBRC) at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and the Council on African Security and Development (CASADE).

Highlight of benefits to participating African firms/investors:

  • Better understanding of power generation and distribution under a decentralized regime
  • Access to modern power generation and distribution equipment and technologies
  • Access to advanced technologies for harnessing renewable energy, and utilization in power generation —solar, wind, biomass, and natural gas
  • Billing and revenue recovery systems, and smart metering technologies for efficient and reliable revenue collection
  • Access to established US energy companies for collaborative and partnership opportunities
  • Funding opportunities with private investors willing to provide debt and equity financing of energy projects
  • Access to equipment and software producers and suppliers
  • Training and consultancy opportunities
  • Waste management, environmental protection, and public safety measures.

Highlight of benefits to US participants:

  • Exposure to international energy firms, and expansion of customer base
  • Opportunity to offer international participants their products and services, and build long-term business relationships
  • Export opportunities for products and services from US firms
  • Investment opportunities for private equity funds and investors seeking areas of rapid growth
  • Training and consultancy opportunities for US firms
  • Access to funding provided by “Power Africa,” a USAID administered program to fund energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Nzube Ezidi
[javascript protected email address]

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