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A one-day experience that has been designed to make us think differently, as a platform to openly share successes, challenges, and to be inspired by the next wave of business thinking.

Can we re-think and re-design how we live and work? How can we take some of the world’s most pressing problems and transform them into opportunities? Together we can think circular and turn waste to wonder.

Join us at Unconference: Making Business Circular alongside speakers like Philips, H&M, Ellen Macarthur Foundation, Project Moon Hut, Circular Economy HK and many more!

Normally we take resources from the earth, make something with them and throw them away. This model is outdated and pretty nasty for the planet. Circular thinking is realising that our ‘waste’ is a resource too and can be put back into the system. Yup, we’re talking about sustainability on steroids and new ways of thinking.

This day has been designed to bring together corporates, professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, NGOs, and anyone who is interested in looking at the future of business. There will be 2 x 3-hour sessions packed full of juicy keynotes, panels, workshops, group sharing and forming, broken up by a ‘dialogue while you dine’ luncheon.

We’ve got two deep dives for the day:

> Understanding and implementing circularity in business – why it is a good business case, strategies and how to connect everything for a circular system (systems thinking)

> Making sustainability and circular economy mainstream – empowering companies and corporates through their communications and financing

There is a lot we can learn from each other especially around circular economy and communicating sustainability. When we prioritise people and the planet, there is money to be made and this is how businesses will survive and thrive! We’re looking at circular across the board – fashion, FMCG, F&B, hotels, MNCs, SMEs and so the list goes on.

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