The Green Power Mini MBA

Course Description

The popularity of this course - and the reason so many attend by way of past-attendee recommendations - is driven by the manner in which it paints a hype-free, independent picture of renewable energy as a set of industries within the wider markets of energy and finance. Through both presented materials, interactive discussions and group-based working, you will leave with a comprehensive picture of how neither technology, finance, policy nor resource availability alone can create a renewable energy revolution. Instead you will learn and model how all must work together, along with a variety of other considerations, to create a sustainable, affordable and deliverable low-carbon energy world.

Key Course Learning

  • How renewable resources, technologies, policies and investors interconnect to determine market growth and project development
  • The fundamentals of the technologies, market impacts, opportunities and challenges for Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass and Ocean energy (wave & tidal)
  • The factors determining how renewable energy fits into the energy market, the timescales over which it can scale, and how governments and external influences change these
  • The finances of renewable energy from country scales to project level investor returns
  • Our UNIQUE ENERGY MIX PLANNING EXERCISE: an innovative, thought-provoking, team-based project designed to put all these learning points into practice

Training level and delivery

Delivered by the Green Power Academy’s experienced lecturers and supplemented by carefully selected, expert guest speakers, the course is delivered through a mix of presentation, discussion, multimedia, illustrative calculation and business planning group work. The course runs in a friendly, informal manner, encouraging discussions and questions to ensure that participants get the most out of their time.

We assume no prior expertise on the topics covered during the course, which seeks to provide clarity to what is a complex and interconnected series of scientifi c and economic influences. All we ask is that you bring an inquiring mind, a willingness to actively participate, and an openness to share your own ideas and expertise with others!

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