The glittering glass ceiling: How to make your work place more inclusive?

Women play an influential role in the global business value chain and are earning, consuming, and controlling purchasing decisions more than ever before.

Women bring unique talents, skill sets, life experiences and perspectives to the workplace. Research has shown a clear link between gender equality and a country’s economic strength. In spite of that, there are still many challenges for women to rise in the corporate environment. How can we provide a conductive environment to support women balance their roles in the family with those in the work place?

What about male staff who want to play a more hands on role as fathers – can human resources policies be modified or created to support them in their decision? What about encouraging a more open corporate culture that helps employees embrace family life?

What are some policies that companies can implement to support women to rise to the top?

Global Compact Network Singapore (formerly Singapore Compact for CSR) invites you to a networking session to discuss all this and more.

Come and find out what individual businesses and the business community at large can do to support and make the workplace more inclusive.

To register, pls click here

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