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The 4th Annual Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Congress Asia


Shanghai China

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This OEM led event will bring together top international OEMs and suppliers to tackle key questions of designing lightweight structures and selecting the optimal combination of high strength steel, aluminium and reinforced plastics to help OEMs create the next generation of light vehicles meeting new regulatory standards on safety, emissions and performance.

GALM congresses are attended by VPs, directors, senior managers and engineers from leading global OEMs from departments including material engineering, CAE and BIW design, manufacturing and joining, new energy and structural innovation.

What’s the Focus?

The GALM Asia 2018 Summit will bring the best of the best in Chinese and international automotive engineers to lay out lightweight engineering approaches for mixed material bodies from across Asia, the US and Europe to deliver actionable, transferrable insight for Asian OEMs. Know the factors driving material selection in Europe, the US and Asia

OEMs will present advanced design architectures for aluminium, high strength steel and composites, including the latest tooling, processing & joining techniques to ensure the next generation of vehicles meet tough international standard on safety, emissions and sustainability.

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