The 3rd Asia Digital Supply Chain and Logistics Summit 2022

The 3rd Asia Digital Supply Chain and Logistics Summit 2022

Global trade tensions, the Covid-19 pandemic and sustainability standards have indicated that the supply chain may face heightened uncertainty and challenges in the decade ahead. Despite greater global uncertainty in the future, what opportunities can manufacturers expect in Asia and how can they build supply chain resilience for a post-pandemic era?

This summit will discuss what to consider in a supply chain strategy fit for the uncertain future in Asia and how to enhance greater supply chain resilience in Asia against unexpected crises; build end-to-end visibility for the supply chain; to respond in real-time to internal and external issues; to increase supply chain velocity; to build smart factory, supply chain control tower and intelligence platforms to support real-time decisions for all ecosystem partners; to optimise logistics service by digital technology; to cultivate digital talents and accelerate digital supply chain transformation.

The summit will bring best practice cases of the resilient, agile and sustainable supply chain for decision-makers to redesign Asia’s supply chain strategies for the uncertain future.

Summit details

September 7-8,2022 in Singapore


  • 20 + Industry-leading enterprise intelligence sharing
  • 100 + Participants
  • On-site networking with industry leaders and leading-edge enterprises
  • Best case studies of supply chain for resilience, agility and sustainability in Asia

Hot topics

  • What to Consider in a Supply Chain Strategy Fit for the Uncertain Future for MNCs in Asia
  • Diversify and Develop a Resilient Supply Chain in SEA
  • Select and Apply Digital Systems Based on Business Demand
  • How to Optimize Data Integration and Sorting Ability to Accurately Forecast Customer Demand
  • Based on Data
  • How to Respond in Real-time to Internal and External Issues
  • How to Optimise Inventory to Reduce the Cost against Unexpected Crisis
  • Integrating Smart Factory Capabilities to Optimise Manufacturing Performance in SEA
  • RPA Technology Empowers Logistics Supply Chain Management Optimization

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