Systems Thinking About the Climate Crisis

“Today’s problems are yesterday’s solutions.”

– Peter Senge

This 4-hour ‘workshop’ will be an exploratory, experiential and skill building introduction to systems thinking. It will build on, but does not require attendance at, the previous workshop held in October. In this session, you will learn about and apply a systems thinking lens and some of the basic systems thinking tools to help us make sense of the complexity we live in. We will examine the Climate Crisis using our newfound systems thinking tools, however, other topics and matters may be explored as well.

Topics and tools include:
- Non-linearity and cause and effect relationships
- Senge’s Laws of Complexity
- Mapping Feedback loops
- Systems Archetypes
- The Climate Crisis and other topics around sustainability.

Come share in the learning experience and a different conversation together this Saturday, 7 Dec, 2019 at 1.30pm to 5.30pm. This workshop has been provided at a greatly reduced entrance fee, covering venue and food costs, in order to promote a new level of awareness and thinking.

We look forward to seeing you there!

REGISTRATION starts at 1.30pm.

About the facilitator

Garrett Weiner is a leadership development consultant and coach, who holds closely the values of integrity, responsibility and compassion. His company, Alignment Coaching & Consulting, works with leaders and teams to open up new understandings and higher levels of sustainable and responsible performance. He is a ‘Climate Leader’ with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and a founding member of Mother Earth Toastmasters Club.



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