Sustainable Business Leadership Forum

In its 5th year now, the Annual Summit of the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum will convene thought leaders driving the Sustainability agenda in Indian businesses.

In this year’s summit we will be exploring themes around:

  • Smart Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) in creating Sustainable Facilities
  • Raising the bar on Energy Efficient manufacturing
  • Re-interpreting water-risk and the future of closed loop manufacturing that use water
  • Bio-mimicry and alternative materials by 2020
  • Material and waste reuse
  • Creating Sustainable Brands through market action
  • Innovation towards Sustainability through big data and analytics
  • Disruptive Innovations driving Energy Access and Decentralized Systems
  • Climate finance and Sustainability- Next steps beyond Paris
  • Sustainability Reporting and changes since the introduction of the BRR (Business Responsibility Report)

For updates and to explore partnership/speaking opportunities, please write to

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