Sustainability Data Management course

Sustainability Data Management course

Ere-S introduces a unique course based on over 10 years of experience in providing reporting and assurance services.

The 2-day course will provide valuable skills to the data owners, managers and other personnel of your organisation who are involved in collecting and reporting sustainability-related data, regardless of their level of knowledge in sustainability.

Key takeaways include understanding of the importance of sustainability data and why it is reported. Participants will also be taught how to reliably and accurately collect and process data, and how to mitigate common issues related to performance measurement, data compilation and indicator reporting. They will also learn how to become audit and assurance-ready.

The course includes exercises based on real-life scenarios and is tailored to the participants’ sector and needs. It is recommended for members of your organisation who:

  • are involved in measuring and collecting sustainability-related information or performance data (e.g. line managers, HR team, safety team, environment team, Sustainability/CSR team, procurement team, etc.)
  • work with or are part of your sustainability reporting team (e.g. Sustainability/CSR team, corporate communication team, sustainability consultants, etc.)
  • are part of the decision-making related to developing a sustainability strategy or strengthening a sustainability framework (e.g. Sustainability/CSR committee members, heads of business unit, etc.)
  • evaluate or audit sustainability performance (e.g. internal audit team, risk and compliance team, procurement manager, assurance practitioners, analysts, etc.)

For more information and to register, please visit our website at You can also contact us directly at

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