Strategic Community Investment & Impact Measurement

Community investment remains a key part of keeping businesses competitive, ensuring a social licence to operate and strengthening engagement with local stakeholders. A growing number of companies are producing Sustainability and CSR Reports with a distinct section on ‘Community’. While companies are able to report on their activities and what they are ‘doing’, not many are able to report on what changes or benefits occurred as a result of their activities. This series of interactive workshops will provide attendees with a clear understanding of what Strategic Community Investment entails, how to go about it and how to measure and report on its outcomes and impact.

Workshop 1 – Strategic Community Investment (9am – 12pm)

The workshop provides practical steps and key information companies need to know when developing and implementing its community investment strategy. This covers:

  • What is strategic community investment (CI) and how does it differ from philanthropy? Why is it important for corporate community activities to be strategic?
  • How to develop a CI strategy, taking into account priority social needs and business objectives
  • Understanding how partnerships and employee engagement (in particular skills based volunteering) contribute to CI
  • Internal structures (policies, governance, committees, etc.) needed to support and implement CI strategy
  • Communications (internal and external) of CI strategy and initiatives

Workshop 2 – Impact measurement (1.30 – 430pm)

This participatory workshop is designed to give attendees the background and tools to monitor, evaluate and measure the outcomes and impact of your community investment initiatives. This includes:

  • Understanding the theory of change required to bring about and achieve community investment objectives
  • An overview of the different impact measurement methodologies and tools including the LBG model, SROI and CSR Asia’s CI Scorecard
  • Presenting different case studies of companies applying impact measurement on their community investment initiatives and partnerships
  • Step-by-step guide and hands-on application of CSR Asia’s Scorecard on attendees’ selected CI initiative

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