SETA 2024

SETA 2024

In the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand, the highly anticipated SETA 2024 is set to captivate audiences from August 15th to 17th at BITEC Bangna.

As an integral part of the prestigious SustainAsiaWeek, endorsed by the Ministry of Energy, SETA 2024 embarks on its 8th edition with a commitment to showcasing the latest advancements and solutions in sustainable energy technology across Asia.

The event’s unique quadruple Expo format, featuring Solar + Storage Asia, Sustainability Mobility Asia, and FTI Energy Asia, creates an unparalleled platform for the convergence of ideas, technologies, and solutions, driving the clean energy revolution.

Central to SETA 2024 is the Sustainable Energy Technology Asia segment, serving as a nexus for industry professionals, researchers, and policymakers. This expo offers a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge innovations shaping the sustainable energy landscape across the Asian continent.

From advancements in solar technology to breakthroughs in wind and hydro energy, SETA 2024 spotlights the diverse array of solutions contributing to the region’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

Solar + Storage Asia 2024 takes a prominent role in the expo, dedicated exclusively to the exhibition of solar technology and energy storage systems.

This segment promises to be a beacon of inspiration for the solar energy sector, showcasing groundbreaking innovations in solar panels, energy storage solutions, and the integration of renewable energy sources into existing power grids. Solar + Storage Asia 2024 underscores the pivotal role solar technology plays in the global transition to sustainability, setting the stage for the future of energy production and storage.

Simultaneously, Sustainable Mobility Asia 2024 adds another layer of significance by exploring transformative trends in Asia’s transportation sector. As the world seeks alternatives to traditional transportation, this expo delves into electric vehicles, smart transportation systems, and sustainable mass transit options.

Sustainable Mobility Asia 2024 offers attendees a glimpse into the innovative solutions driving the evolution of sustainable mobility across the continent. From electric cars to intelligent transportation networks, this segment of SETA 2024 reflects the collective commitment to redefining the future of transportation in an environmentally conscious manner.

Marking its 8th edition, SETA 2024 is dedicated to maintaining the same level of excitement that characterised previous exhibitions. Building on past successes, this edition promises to be a culmination of the best and brightest minds in the sustainable energy sector, fostering collaboration and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

In conclusion, SETA 2024 emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. As part of SustainAsiaWeek, endorsed by the Ministry of Energy, this event provides a unique opportunity for thought leaders, industry experts, and enthusiasts to come together, exchange ideas, and shape the future of clean energy in Asia.

With a focus on sustainable energy technology, solar advancements, and the future of mobility, SETA 2024 is not merely an expo; it stands as a testament to the collective commitment towards a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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